“The burden of life is from ourselves, its lightness from the grace of Christ and the love of God.” William Ullathorne


This morning on the way to school, Reagan and I were listening to “Live with Abandon” – a song by Christian recording artists The Newsboys. She asked me, “What does that mean? Live with abandon?”

I told her it means to live without worry. To trust completely in Jesus for all things in your life.

I think it’s a bit ironic that we had that conversation this morning because I was just thinking earlier about how trusting God is necessary in our Christian walk if we are to have any peace, but how passiveness and apathy are not supposed to be part of the equation. I think it’s a fine line between trust and laziness.

There are a lot of situations in life that are beyond our control, but in my own life, I’ve seen God set things before me and it was up to me to decide whether I would move forward in faith, with “abandon,” or whether I would let the opportunity pass me by and be a passive believer – someone who trusts God in theory, but not in practice.

Going back to school in 2011 was a big “living with abandon” moment for me. Having completed that journey, I see so many ways that God worked in my life during those 2 years and can clearly see what I would have missed if I had chosen comfort over faith. There have certainly been many other similar situations in my life, and I’m certain there are more to come.

I love those scriptures in Isaiah that talk about the clay saying to the potter, “What are you doing? Why are you making me this way?” We can be a stubborn little lump of clay, fighting through the shaping process and disfiguring what could have been a beautiful finished product. We can simply not let the Potter touch us at all and never be more than what we are. Or we can accept His shaping, embrace the opportunities He gives us and trust that we are in good Hands.