I think I can stand just about anything except feeling helpless.

For someone like myself who is such a “doer,” standing by and doing nothing is just plain hard.

I know some of this comes from my being a woman, a mom. It’s our job to fix things isn’t it? To make them better?

But what if you can’t? What if the only things you can do would most likely make the situation worse instead of better? What if there simply is nothing to be done because it’s beyond your control?

These are the moments of simply being “still, and know that He is God.”Knowing that even if there is nothing I can physically do, I can mentally and emotionally fix my thoughts on the One who is sovereign over all.

Controlling my tongue is probably the hardest part. I really stink at it sometimes, but honestly, I really have gotten better at it. A few years ago, I was reading the story of the trial of Christ and how, through all of the hypocrisy, through all of the accusations, and even though He knew it was all going to end in a painful and unjust death – He offered no defense, He didn’t speak the truth He could have so plainly spoken, as He had done throughout His ministry.

But Jesus seemed to know when to be quiet.

He, who could have called those 10,000 angels to His side, was silent. He knew God, His Father, was working. The unjust trial, the painful crucifixion – these were the means by which God brought about His greatest miracle: the resurrection of our Lord.

Imagine if Jesus had spoken up? What if He had called the armies of heaven to His defense? We would consider Him perfectly within his “rights” to do so – an innocent man, in the face of certain death.

But He said very little, until He was asked point blank if He was the Messiah.

My point is that we are often “justified” in the things we feel we ought to say and do, but will it really help? Or would it hinder?

Keeping my mouth shut is beyond challenging for me at times. Standing in a helpless situation, the temptation to shout all my advice at it overwhelming – but would it help? Would it hinder?

I know the answer.