This week, I’ve encountered a few things that have given me pause, causing me to think of other things I have found surprising. I thought I’d share.

  1. It snowed here in central Mississippi. Like stuck-to-the-ground-roads-iced-over-no-school-for-3-days snowed. My child has been a stuffy, coughing mess since last weekend and I told her she couldn’t go outside in the wintry wonderland that was the yard. She didn’t get upset. Double-take?! This, the child that gets ticked off when I tell her to brush her hair, did not say anything but, “OK.” when I declined her request to go outdoors.
  2. Because of the snow disaster, I saw many heart-warming stories of goodwill on the news about people feeding stranded motorists, delivering their babies, carrying them piggyback across the frozen tundra, etc. etc. etc. This didn’t surprise me. Human beings can actually act decently at times. What made me stop and think here was that sometimes I feel like it’s the ONLY time we see good will and decent behavior – when there’s a “disaster” – and that’s sad to me.
  3. I ventured out of the house yesterday because, well, because cabin fever had set in and I needed some household items. When braving Wal-Mart in my rural community I was surprised at how many people I saw that looked…….crazy. As in, I’m hearing banjos, check their trunk for moonshine, mama needs a razor and not for her legs kinda crazy lookin’ people. I recognize that I, in fact, live in the south and there are, in fact, some certifiable nutters out there, but I felt like somebody had indeed fallen off a turnip truck yesterday. A whole family in fact. And they were in Wal-Mart buying toilet paper, white bread and Chuck Norris DVDs.
  4. I scored a 102 point word in Words With Friends this week.
  5. My husband literally fell asleep 5 minutes into The Blacklist episode for this week. REALLY? How do you DO that?
  6. Speaking of my husband and the television, he has become obsessed with this show about a guy that builds elaborate tree houses. Sounds fascinating doesn’t it? Yeah, so imagine my surprise when it’s not. It’s actually incredibly boring. To me. He loves it. So I went to the library today and got a book to read when he goes on his next tree house watching marathon.
  7. Chocolate can taste SO good on a bad day.
  8. I am looking SO forward to the Super Bowl. 10 years ago, I couldn’t give a hoot about football. I am a supahfan now and Peyton Manning is my BOY so GOOOOO BRONCOS!!!
  9. I am amazed that the Snuggie actually caught on as a bestselling product and I have two in my home which are used daily.
  10. I guess most surprisingly is that you people actually read this nonsense and still remain my friends.