Can I just say that I am thankful for laughter?

What a sad, pathetic existence it must be for those who have no sense of humor. Who take EVERYTHING so seriously that they can’t find a reason to laugh at least once a day.

I know that there are times for all things and that there are certainly moments where one should be reverent, even somber, but if it were not for the gift of laughter…..I honestly think I’d just curl up and die.

In my family, laughter is simply a part of life. It’s what has gotten us through some of the most difficult experiences of our lives. And as I get older, I see the need to “lighten up” even more. I tend to worry and agonize over things that generally never come to pass. I have been blessed to have a husband that knows how to make me smile every day and I am thankful to have someone with that ability by my side – especially on the days when laughter is far from my mind.

Last night, Reagan was dreading the return to school after this past week off for spring break. She’s had a rough year – a rough teacher – and the last 9 weeks of the school year loom ahead of her like a dark dungeon. So, instead of trying to reason with her about the length of time left until summer, or lecturing her on the importance of keeping a good attitude herself, I simply made her laugh. I got her tickled and happy before she went to sleep and, hopefully, caused her to not face this morning with dread in her heart.

Did you know you had the power to do that? Remove clouds from someone’s day? That just being pleasant or bringing some kind of smile or humor to someone’s life can see them through, lift them above their circumstances, help them heal? You do. Laughter, cheer – it’s powerful. The Bible even says it is like medicine!

So LAUGH today! Make someone ELSE laugh today! Smile! And be blessed.