Stick with me long enough and I’m gonna share about parenting. Because it’s the hardest, most important, most demanding role I’ll ever play in this life.

There is nothing like preparing to lecture your child on a principle that you yourself haven’t mastered, or on a concept that doesn’t even really make sense to you.

For instance, why life is not fair.

Reagan comes from a family of underdogs. We’re not wealthy. We’re not elite. We’re not advantaged. We are blessed, and we are fortunate, but when it comes to the things that generally grease the wheels of this corrupt world, we (thankfully) are lacking. But, in the eyes of a child, especially one who is so very perceptive, it’s hard to explain why the “haves” of the world get away with so much and the “have nots” are overlooked or even punished at times.

I see it in my own day to day life – some people come into things (money, jobs, power) very easily. Oftentimes, because they didn’t really have to work for it, they abuse their advantages. I know people who will bust their humps for years and never be promoted beyond where they are – simply because the powers that be will promote someone else due to their “status” in society – because of how it looks on the surface.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the unfairness of it all – the way this world operates. And it’s difficult to look your child in the eye and tell them to concentrate on THEIR work, THEIR attributes, THEIR strengths and talents when people around them get away with misbehavior or are even rewarded, simply because of their socioeconomic status or other factors that really don’t amount to much when it comes to character.

And character is what I’m trying to teach her. Integrity. Self-confidence.These are hard lessons to teach in an self-indulgent, shallow world. Learning to dig in your heels, grit your teeth, and fight through the hard parts of life is simply a lesson that has to come over time. And by example. And I hope beyond hope that my daughter is learning it from me.