Despite the pollen, despite the severe weather possibilities, despite (this year) the flooding, and despite the hard work that comes with it, I absolutely LOVE springtime. Maybe it’s because I am an April baby, but something about this time of year just replenishes my winter-weary soul. And I LOVE winter. I love football and Christmas lights and crock-pot cooking and curling up with a warm blanket or sitting in front of my folk’s fireplace. But spring – spring is just……it.

The first thing that bloomed this year was the Bradford Pears. Then the Redbuds. Then irises and daffodils. Dogwoods. Azaleas. The oak trees started leafing out again. It’s like the whole world gets a “do over” and I just love that. New mercies.

Our priest gave a sermon last Sunday on the resurrection of Lazarus. She compared how we, like Lazarus, can be in a tomb of despair, depression, sin, hopelessness, and Jesus calls to us to “Come out!”, to have the things that hold us back cut away from ourselves and be free! That is spring. That is Easter.

Of all the holidays, Easter is my favorite as well. Christmas gives us the promise of hope, revealed in the birth of Christ. But Easter, EASTER is the culmination of that hope. The climax of the story – so far. It is our worst despair on Good Friday followed by glorious victory on Easter morning. Spring means new life. Easter means new life.

So here we are. The middle of April. Soon it will be hot and humid and we’ll all be looking for a shade tree and some cold iced tea. But right now we are in the middle of something exciting. Something new. Something fresh and born from a cold, often dreary winter. Spring is here. The former things have passed away, behold all things are becoming new!