To the mother who sacrificed all to work several jobs from home so she could educate her children and be the mom she wants to be, despite her husband walking away……you make me want to be more selfless.

To the mother who had the courage to walk away from an abusive marriage, even though no one believed her, put herself through school, and found happiness in a better man……you make me want to be braver.

To the mom who never planned on raising her child/children on her own, but she did it and didn’t have a partner to help…….you remind me that being a mom often means being all things to our children, to be prepared for anything, and to remember that God equips us for all situations.

To the mom who didn’t give up when she was told she would never be a mom, sacrificing pain and disappointment to eventually succeed with IVF…… make me to believe the impossible.

To the mom who waited and waited, prayed and prayed, and finally those adoptions went through……you remind me to be thankful about how easy becoming a mother came to me.

To the mom whose child is battling disabilities – physical and/or mental – and yet you haven’t lost your sense of humor, haven’t become bitter……you help me maintain my perspective and not sweat the small stuff.

To the mom who works all day, comes home to do set after set of homework, cooks a meal, does laundry, runs her kids to extracurriculars… are a superhero, and I salute you.

To the mom who sits on those hot bleachers every summer to cheer on your ballplayer through endless practices and tournaments……you remind me that I am my child’s biggest cheerleader.

To the mom who: accepts flaws – yet encourages growth and self-improvement, believes in her kids and makes them believe in themselves, was a mom first and became a friend second, never gives up on her kids – even when they give up on themselves, set an example of parenting worthy of following, and still makes coming home feel like the safest, most loving place on earth….to this mom, MY mom… are loved more than I’ll ever be able to tell you and it is because of you that I am able to face parenting with confidence,  hope, and faith.