I once heard a woman speak about fear.  She talked of her deepest, darkest fears and how she confronted them.

She took them to God.

He asked her, “If your worst fears were realized, what would you do?”

She said she’d cry, she’d be angry,  she’d lay down on the floor and not know if she could get up again.

And God said, “Then what?”

She said she would get up.
And she’d go on.
Because she still had Him.

My mind is a whirlwind of “what ifs” these days. Uncertainty of many things hangs around the back of my mind like a watchdog threatening to run my faith into a dead end.

When God sets a path before me, I run. I run and I run and I run until I have to walk and sometimes crawl until I reach the place He destined for me to be. Sometimes he leads me beside those still waters and refreshes me and sometimes he lets me go for a long time before He finally makes me lie down in green pastures.

But every journey He sets before me stretches my faith. I can feel my soul straining to contain the limits it so wants to set for itself and stay where it is comfortable. But finally it breaks, and I break with it and come to the foot of the cross and say, “I still have you. You were, you are faithful. And in you I have no want.”

If, at the end of my present journey, I find myself in the midst of realized fears, then I will get up. He will still be there. He will still be faithful. And I will have no want.