Reagan has decided to write a book.

She’s 10 years old and this could very well be her “flavor of the month”, but this week, I dragged out the laptop, opened a blank Word document and told her to get after it.

You see, she loves to read. Books, for her and oftentimes myself, are sometimes her best friends. She read an article in a magazine recently about a 14 year old boy who started writing a series and she thought, “I think I’ll try that.”

She’s written one page. Probably 300+ words over 3 days or so, but for someone who can only type with 2 fingers right now (because she hasn’t learned to “type” yet) I think she’s doing pretty well. She admitted the other night, that this is taking her much longer than she thought it would. Ha! Boy do I relate!

In this mama’s mind, this idea of hers represents much more than just her decision itself. It represents the fact that she believes anything is possible and also, that she believes in herself. And I can’t tell you how proud both of those things make me of my daughter.

I want her to dream big. Always. I want her to try things even if she has no idea what she is doing. I believe this is the kind of mindset God wants for all of us. And I’ve tried to live my life before her in such a way that she never says, “I’d like to do that, but I can’t. I’m not _________ enough.”

I know a lot of people that have settled in life. Knowingly or unknowingly. I never, never, never want my child to settle for less than. Sometimes we try things and fail. Often we fail. But I have always been one of those that would rather fail than to have never tried. I can handle defeat, but regret……regret is a dirty word to me.

Like my parents before me, I’ve never told Reagan she could be anything she wanted. Because that simply isn’t true. You can’t be something that just isn’t you. You have to understand and know your limitations, but limitations are not weaknesses – they just aren’t your particular talents. I think the key to success is capitalizing on your own strengths. Whatever they may be. And not being afraid to fail at them over and over until you reach your goal. Success rarely comes easy and without those many, many speed bumps along the way.

So dream big, baby girl. Whether this is a “forever” dream or a “right now” dream – just keep on dreaming. Follow that beautiful heart that Our Heavenly Father gave you. You’re gonna do great things. I believe in you.