So much has happened this week.

I had a birthday on Monday.
I started a new job on Tuesday.
A good friend married her soulmate today.
Another friend went to his eternal home.

So as I sit here, finally able to catch my breath, I think about how each of these events has caused me to feel, and the common theme that flows through them all.

Turning another year older isn’t exactly a “coming home” feeling, but it’s the people who make me feel special, on my birthday and every day, in the ways they treat me and love me that bring warmth to my heart.

I went back to work for a former employer this week – an place that employs dozens of people that have come to mean as much to me as family and given me a husband, a sister-in-law, and some of my best friends on this earth. Walking through those doors felt like coming home and I’ve been more at ease this week than I’ve been in 5 years or more.

A friend from childhood walked down the aisle tonight. I remember her as she was then, and have only recently reconnected with her through Facebook, but when we saw each other tonight, I saw the woman she has become. I’ve seen some beautiful brides in my life, but she radiated not only her own sweet spirit, but also the love of her husband and her Christ were all over her face. Shey and I sat there, holding hands during the service – so beautiful in its simplicity, and it reminded me of our own wedding. When I became his wife, I felt, for the first time since I was a kid, like I had come home. And I still feel it, every time he and I are together.

One of my church family went to be with our Savior this afternoon. I hadn’t got a chance to know him nearly as much as I wanted to. He was intelligent, and had a wicked sense of humor, and I find myself already missing him. For the short time we knew each other, we got along so well, and I know we would have been such good friends if only we had been given more time.

And that is where my thoughts land tonight. As Lent came to a close and Easter was celebrated, I hadn’t thought much more about my Lenten study on “Time” – but where and how we spend this priceless commodity is so important. And the people we spend it with even more so. Life is too short to spend it on things or with people that are anything short of that “coming home” feeling.

I know that my friend got to experience the ultimate feeling of homecoming today when he saw Jesus face to face and was finally, truly home. Maybe that’s why God puts that feeling in our hearts when we’re with loved ones, come back to a place that is special to us, look into the eyes of our beloved, or feel the pang of grief when saying goodbye to someone we love: so we can have a taste of what it will feel like when we reach our ultimate destination.