Whether you’re a Darwinian or not, the quote above is nothing short of truth. Not because of who said it, but because it is simply a fact. I was thinking about “adapt or die” theories this week. My husband has recently gotten me hooked on “The Walking Dead” and now the spinoff series, “Fear the Walking Dead”. We were watching an interview with one of the show’s writers and he was asked who in the new series was likely to survive. He responded by saying that those people who had a plan before the apocalypse – who knew just where their life was going and what direction they were headed: those were the ones who were in the most danger. It was the ones who could adjust to their changing circumstances that would or could make it.

Now let me stop for a moment and just say, I hate gross things. I don’t typically watch anything with graphic violence at all. However, the psychological aspects of these tv series are fascinating. These characters are so complex and the lengths to which they will go to survive or protect someone else are so extreme. I find myself enthralled by the storyline and the relationships and the development of these characters.

Reagan has also been studying about how species have to adapt in order to survive. It’s just sort of been on my mind lately.

Sometimes when I watch other people around me or see them go through life, day in and day out without any apparent inner growth, it’s kind of depressing. But, you see, human beings are a unique species in that we don’t HAVE to necessarily adapt mentally or emotionally to survive physically. We can stay stuck in a virtual psychogical, educational, or spiritual bubble pretty much our entire lives if we choose to do so.

But you know what? I’d rather die a physical death than a mental one. I’d rather know that I really gave God the opportunity to take me deep into the fire of uncertainty and burn away all of my most stubborn attitudes, opinions, and imperfections.

Once upon a time, I knew exactly where I was headed. And then life happened. So I adapted. And life keeps happening. So I keep adapting. But not just physically. I’m learning, more and more, the older I get, to allow my mind and heart to be moldable, pliable. THAT is where real life begins. In that willingness to not only accept change and embrace it, but to BE changed.