The Syrian Refugee Crisis is real. And following the Paris attacks, it is at the forefront of every newsfeed, every watercooler discussion. We all have the problems of the world figured out…..until they’re at our doorstep.

Again and again, I find myself sickened by my Christian “friends”. Notice I put quotes around friends and not Christian. See, I really don’t doubt that they love Jesus and want to follow Him. I just doubt whether or not I can be their friend when they so are so blatantly hypocritical. But I am imperfect also. Full of my own pride and hypocrisy. So I write my thoughts and frustrations here. Not to try and raise my voice louder than others, but in the hope that somewhere, somebody, like who I was a few short years ago, might stop and think about things a little differently. That maybe they might stop trying to be so right. It took many years and lots of reading, praying and confessing to get to the point where I had to submit to God that I didn’t know everything, didn’t understand half of what the Bible is really about or trying to say, but that more than anything I just wanted to be like Jesus. And less like myself. It’s a process.

I understand fear. And I understand the need for protecting one’s family. But the very ones who are crying out for the refusal of asylum to Syrian refugees are the same ones who say they “Stand with God”, they “Stand with the Bible”, and they are “Not Ashamed to be a Christian”.

Well friend, you should be ashamed. Not that you are a Christian, but that you so publicly profess it and then do exactly the opposite of what Christ has told us to do. And that is to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. To welcome the outcast. To be the “least of these”.

“At the expense of our national security?” Yes.
“What if they strike our country?” What if they do? Did Jesus not tell you to first count the cost before you follow Him?

Do you think that if we did exactly as Christ commanded us and welcomed those strangers into our land and into our homes and into our hearts that God would find favor with us? Protect us, as a nation, from harm? Win our battles? If the Old Testament is any indication, God seems to favor victory for those who keep his commandments. Where is THAT teaching in all of the rhetoric we are hearing from Christian circles? Instead we hear, “No! No! No! They are not welcome!” You seem to think God’s wrath applies to anyone but the one who “Stands on the Word”. Friend, be careful about whose word you’re standing on.

The answers to situations like the one our nation is currently faced with are hard things. But in my own experience, God generally doesn’t ask me to do easy things. He generally requires that I think of myself, even my family, last – when it comes to following Him. And if you’re going to pick apart the teachings of Christ, then don’t cry the next time someone picks apart your interpretation of Leviticus. Read the Scriptures in context, or not at all.

I have more questions than answers about the Bible, but in whatever way you study it, this much is clear: Jesus was a radical of His time. He was not swayed by popular opinion. He gave all of Himself for all of humanity. What makes us think we should do less?