In preparation for Ash Wednesday and Lent, I’ve been reading some really interesting stories about what people have given up or taken on in the form of a discipline.

When most people hear “Lent”, they assume self-denial and certainly that can be a huge part of this season of introspection. But self-denial comes in lots of forms, and I am going to attempt something a little bit out-of-the-box this time.

What most peoples DON’T think about when they hear “Lent”, is helping others in some way. Reagan and I were discussing Lent this morning and she asked me what I was going to do, so here’s what I feel inspired to do:

First, some random acts of kindness. I think sometimes we forget that one of the easiest ways to serve God, is by simply letting Him work through us in what may appear to US to be an insignificant situation. I can’t count the times I’ve felt a “nudge” to simply smile at someone, speak to them in the check-out line, pay for someone’s takeout order behind me in line, or just give a co-worker a listening ear. But, just as often, I ignore the nudge and carry on with whatever I am busy doing at the time and focus on my own needs.

Secondly, the idea of Lenten Letters were something that struck a chord with me. Lenten Letters are written to people that have influenced me or affected my life in some way. In a time like Lent where introspection is so important, reflecting on the mosaic of people I know and have known will be an interesting way to look back at the ways that God has used them to make me the person that I am.

Both of these things are just about being more intentional in my life, something that I strive to do more and more. Because we live such a fast-paced life and it’s so easy to get caught up in routine and think we’ll always have tomorrow to do and say what we had good intentions to say and do today.

It’s a little different than things I’ve done in the past for Lent, but I am going to do my best to be disciplined about what I have felt inspired to do.

I am making these Lenten Letters public as part of my discipline because it will help me stay accountable, so PLEASE don’t be offended if I don’t write you a Lenten Letter. Those that I choose to write to will not be listed in order of importance. I have many friends and family on facebook – ain’t no way I can get to all of you in 40 days. Some of the letters I write may be to people who aren’t even ON facebook, so don’t get sore at me for something that I am mostly counting on inspiration to guide.

Whether you read what I post or not, I wish you all a blessed Lent and a glorious Easter.