It’s easy to think back to my childhood, to teachers, to people I’ve known for a long time and see how their influence has shaped me.

But, being one of those people that never wants to stop growing, I recognize that new friends I’ve made in recent years have shaped and are shaping me just as much as people that have always been in my life, or that I’ve known for a long time.

You’ve become a very special person to me. For one thing, we’ve now collaborated on several different projects that were all very special to me. And working together on those opened the door for a friendship to begin. We’ve discovered that we have a lot in common, and are of similar mindset on a lot of things.

When we had lunch this week, I realized how long it had been since I talked to someone about MY passions. About creativity. I think you fill a special void in my life. In my world it’s all numbers and bottom lines and there’s very little room for creativity unless I can craft an especially poetic collection letter to someone and call it art……. You have reminded me that there is a side to me that I should not neglect. That it doesn’t HAVE to be to any particular end, “Just create something.”

Because that is something we all should do. Have an outlet where we can create. Whether it’s drawing or painting or writing or music or knitting or photography – everybody can create. And I need that reminder because we discussed lack of confidence? Mine’s HUGE when it comes to my own creativity. All I tend to see are the flaws. You remind me that it’s in the creating, not the creaTION – that’s where the healing is. Not that the creation isn’t a great part of it – but it’s the therapy, the release, the distraction – those are the good parts.

In my high stress world, you bring an element of calm with your soft-spoken way, and I can never have enough friends with whom I can discuss books. You’re one of those rare open-minded individuals that isn’t held down to one narrow way of thinking. You are simply a pleasure to know and talk to.

I tell myself all the time that I really should just put a moratorium on new friends. I often feel like I neglect my family enough, let alone my friends. And the older I get, the more I keep people at arm’s length. But I’m also a believer in something akin to destiny, to kindred spirits. We immediately hit it off the first time I came to you asking for help on a project and, well, you’re just stuck with me now. We may be new friends, but just when it comes to the element of time. There is an ease to being around you that only happens when I meet someone that I will end up being close to.

In the few short years we’ve known each other, you’ve already become a precious person to me. Thank you for bringing your beauty into my world, for sharing your talents, and for encouraging me to share mine.