This time last year, getting up before 7:00 was next to impossible. I lived in a perpetual state of exhaustion. Endometriosis was robbing me of the full potential of my day. Every day. Either by impeding my efforts in the morning with feeling like I’d already run a marathon before my feet hit the floor, or throughout the day with pain, or by sending me to bed so early I missed an actual “winding down” and just more or less collapsed.

This morning, as I rounded the corner of the house to head inside for my 2nd cup of coffee, I snapped this photo. It was more breathtaking in person, I assure you. Mornings, for me, used to be a dreaded time. Now, I relish them. I’m still sleepy when I wake up (see sentence about coffee refill) but I look forward to the sunrise. I look forward to the quiet time I get. The coffee. The prayers. The meditations. This morning, I watched a video that made me laugh. These things give me a workout for my soul and my mind as I prepare for my day. I’m not sitting here, making lists for the rest of my awake hours. I’m just getting my dose of hope for the day.

Today is the only one we’re promised. And we’re not even promised all of it. Just the moment we’re in. I pray you find the hope in yours, wherever you are.