I really don’t know where to start with this post…….I have received countless gifts over my lifetime and would never be able to narrow down any one thing that was better than something else.
I can open my jewelry box and see gifts from my husband, my daughter, my mom, my sister, my friends….it’s pretty obvious that I like “bling”, so you’ll never hear anyone say that I’m hard to buy a gift for. If it’s shiny and I can wear it on my finger, my earlobes, around my neck or my wrist, chances are, I’m gonna love it. The jewelry box itself was a gift from my husband!

I have several music boxes that were gifts to me…..I love them. Always wanted a big collection of them, but never made it very far.

I have books and music that were given to me as gifts that I treasure. I have drawings and homemade cards from Reagan, bracelets she’s made me.

I have a shirt that belonged to my cousin Eric, who was killed in 2012. I wouldn’t take a million dollars for it.

I have a piece of my mother’s wedding band. She had a piece cut out for me, and one for my sister. I’m wearing it even as I type. The gold isn’t the only thing that makes it precious.

My husband has made photo collages for me that I adore, and has bought me more gifts in our 11 years as a couple than I can even begin to count. He’s very thoughtful that way.

I really just can’t say what, if any, one material thing that I’ve been given has been the best.

I’ve received other gifts that can’t be measured. Gifts like forgiveness, grace, mercy. I’ve been given talents. I’ve been given second chances. I’ve been given opportunities.

I’ve received the gift of friendship, of love. I’ve been given the gift of motherhood, and the chance to be a parent.

I’ve been given literacy, and the ability to know all kinds of things because I can read and understand, explore the infinite through the written word.

Life itself is a gift. My endless battle with myself is to stop being so forward-thinking and appreciate the moment I’m in. So maybe that’s my answer. Today. Today is the best gift I ever got. Because when it’s all said and done, for all my possessions, for all the gifts I’ve received, the gift of the present moment is all I can really claim.