Friends, I interrupt this regular programming for a post that I must express before moving along in the 30 day (more like a 3 month, as long as we are taking) blog challenge. I will resume with it this weekend, in the meantime, I have some thoughts to share, so I thank you for your indulgence.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen someone post something on social media along the lines of this:


Or, there is no such post, but rather you find yourself deleted because someone didn’t agree with YOU. 

Okay. Let’s ponder this for a moment, shall we? 

If all you care about is your own opinion, and never consider the viewpoint of others, you are part of the problem of polarization that is ripping this country apart.

And, you see, it’s not only a political thing, it’s just a thing. Members of my own family have shut me out of their lives before because of a difference in opinion and their unwillingness to listen to anything other than their own version of the truth. 

These kinds of attitudes help no one. These kinds of attitudes are childish. These kinds of attitudes will eventually lead to some type of destruction – be it to friendships, family relationships, or an entire country.

I have been mostly sitting on the sidelines of social media for the last several weeks watching the fiasco of the presidential election unfold. I have watched people share their viewpoints in some rather vulgar, disgusting ways. I have yet to understand what they hope to accomplish with this. I have yet to understand the preschool mentality that says, “If you don’t think like me or I don’t like what you think then you’re not my FWIEND.”

If you feel so strongly about your convictions, your political choices, WHY do you feel the need to constantly harp on it?

Arguing with people, being confrontational, making no room in your world for the consideration that you MIGHT BE wrong is not going to change anyone’s mind. Threatening to unfriend someone for their political or religious viewpoint is ridiculous. If someone is being hateful or derogatory or vulgar with their opinions, yes, I see the point of ridding your newsfeed of their garbage. But just because you don’t AGREE with them? Are you so small minded that you can’t make room for the possibility that there are other people who come from different places, different life experiences, who see things from a perspective that may also have some validity to what they believe? What do you hope to accomplish with your bombardment of memes, poorly researched articles, and biased propaganda? I’m really asking? What is the purpose? 

Is it not just enough that you hold these beliefs? You must have disciples? Validation? Or maybe you just like to see how many buttons you can push before somebody takes the bait and argues with you. 

We all tend to look for things that reaffirm what we already believe. And it’s only when you embrace the possibility that the world is bigger than your little corner of it that you can begin to see how flawed our thinking can become when we fail to make room for only our own agendas. 

I’ll be honest, we have over 3 more months of this crap and I’m already exhausted. I’m flat out weary. Good, respectful, thought-provoking debate about the issues seems nearly extinct. People are more concerned with making a point than making a difference. 

So what is MY point? Where am I going with this? Well, it’s pretty simple I guess. I’m making a request. To all of you reading this. Ask yourself the following questions:

Am I on social media?

Do I only read and listen to viewpoints that reinforce my own opinions?

Am I incapable of having friends that disagree with me?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the last two questions, please, do us all a favor and work on your issues. 

But, if you can’t, or choose not to……

You may unfriend me now.