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For nearly the past two weeks, I have found myself with some free internet browsing/writing time on my hands.

And boy howdy, have I browsed and written.

Sometimes, when I get on a tangent like I have been of late, I’ll look back over it a few days later and think, “Good Lord! Was I on speed?”

The thing is, I don’t get worked up like that every day. I couldn’t. I’d be dead. I have a hard time staying on an even keel with my righteous indignation. Apparently, I’m not the only one, but other people – they don’t seem to wear out as fast as I do.

I should probably eat more leafy greens.

The main thing that got my dander up earlier this week was one of our state elected officials acting like a juvenile.

That’s the kind of thing that USUALLY gets my dander up. Grown-ups behaving like……I would say adolescents but that would be an insult to MY adolescent and would be an overgeneralization, which is part of my beef with people like him, so, I’ll just say, he was being rude.

You have as much right to your opinion as I do to mine. But can we not be assholes about it? Please? Not hostile, overgeneralizing, brats? 

You see, I realize that not every Republican is a rich white man with no empathy and wants to keep his women barefoot and pregnant. Likewise, I recognize that not all liberals hate God, want free everything for everyone and believe in a Utopia. I see that. I know that. I just don’t know why everyone ELSE doesn’t seem to know that. And if they do, why do they act like they don’t?

I TRY (my husband would burst out laughing here), but I PROMISE that I really do try to not be condescending when I comment on something or even when I post on this blog. I really don’t want to come across as thinking I’m superior or better than anyone else, or that I think I have it all figured out. Because I don’t. I promise on my life, I don’t think ANY of those things. And I do believe in trying to be the example you want to see. But it’s hard these days. I don’t want to take the bait every time. But sometimes, like Monday, with multiple things really pissing me off – I just couldn’t help it. I had to write. I had to go there. It was an impulse beyond my control. I was mad. I was frustrated. I was disappointed in people. I felt like a mother that just had to have a come to Jesus meeting with a bunch of children about their behavior. I really feel like we’d probably ALL be better off to go sit in a corner – myself included.

I will be the first to admit that it’s frustrating when someone disagrees with you. I am the bossiest person I know. I want everyone to see it my way and I want them to be happy about it. And, sometimes, I get upset when that doesn’t happen, even though I realize the staggering stupidity that it shows on my part to expect it.

Which is why I can’t go to my corner, play quietly, and ignore gross misrepresentations of entire groups of people.

I have some very idealistic views I suppose. No, I don’t suppose. I know. Idealism is – “The attitude of a person who believes that it is possible to live according to very high standards of behavior and honesty.”

“Now Allie,” I can just hear my dad say, “That’s just not practical. That’s not the REALITY.”

I know this. I live and breathe and work and will die in the reality.

But I will never stop WANTING or WORKING FOR or WRITING ABOUT the ideal. The HOPE. The NEED for people to try and see life through the eyes of their fellow man and woman.

This world is so full of broken people. You, me – we’re all broken in our own way. It makes us feel less so to point out what we perceive as faults in another.

I honestly believe the people who spew the most venom – just hateful, spiteful, meanness – they are abounding in insecurity. And the ones who just throw their hands up? Well, they’re mainly the ones that are tired of being grouped into one category or another. Misrepresented. So they’ve stopped speaking. And usually, not always, but usually, those are the ones that should be speaking. Because they are the ones who see things from multiple perspectives and don’t jump in the conversation because no matter what they do, SOMEBODY is going to pick their words apart.

You know, I had a meeting this week where I had to bring up some issues and speak up for someone that needed an advocate. In reality, my words probably aren’t going to do any good whatsoever. But if I don’t try, that’s on me.

If I sit by, knowing what I know, feeling what I feel, perceiving what I perceive, and I don’t speak up? I call that cowardice.

There are people in life that need an advocate. The unborn? Yes. The refugee? Yes. The immigrant? Yes. The widow? Yes. The orphan? Yes. Women? Yes. Men? Yes. The Peaceful Christian? Yes. The Peaceful Muslim? Yes. The Jew, the Greek, the Rabbi, the Priest, they all need someone to represent them in this global dialogue. Who do you represent? Who are you advocating for and why? If you’re doing something in the name of Christianity, what would JESUS say about your methods, your words, your hostility, your cruelty to others?

That’s the thing that I see most, in my little Bible Belt section of the country. People doing and saying anything they want because they feel justified by their religious doctrine. I see this on BOTH sides. Please, please, please, Christian people – don’t use your religion as an excuse to hate ANYONE. Even the ones that hate you or wish you harm. That’s not what Jesus was about and you misrepresent us all when you act and speak with hate and venom and disrespect. There are issues where we will have to make and stand, be an advocate, and not back down. But it can be done without hatred for other people. You can dislike someone’s ideology and still like THEM. I know, because I’m married to the person that I probably disagree with more than any other. And I still like him! And I still like my friends, family and coworkers that see things usually very differently from me. So, see, I know it’s possible to get along with people of different ideals and not be jerks about it!

I used to be scared to write about what I really felt and believed, because I just knew there was somebody out there waiting to pick me apart. 

But I’m not afraid of that anymore. I refuse to be a hostage of people who purposefully spread erroneous information, hateful speech, racism, sexism, and bigotry on any level. 

I may not have it in me to stay worked up 24/7 but I have a voice, and I will use it.