It’s February in Mississippi, which means absolutely nothing.

The Japanese Magnolias, confused by the temperatures, unaware of any calendar, are currently in full bloom. If our typical weather patterns hold, we’ll be the recipient of a nice cold front in a week or two and the beautiful trees will go back to a winter deadness, having peaked too soon.

I used to believe there was a sadness in the early bloom of a beautiful tree.

It would be easy to stay dormant until everything else is putting off new growth and budding out, secure in nothing but warm, sunny days ahead. But sometimes, when everything else is dead and waiting, THAT is precisely the time to bloom. Because YOU need to, and because the world needs you too. 

I used to hate seeing these beautiful trees bloom so early, knowing that if they could just wait another couple of months, their vibrancy would last longer. 

But would their colors be so noticeable if they did?

Wouldn’t they just blend into the blooms of everything else and get lost in the background?

It is in the grayest of days when we need color the most. It is when times are darkest that we most need the light. 

Bloom on, Japanese Magnolias. Remind us that the right time to bloom is whenever it does the most good. It does not do for us to wait, if it is in the now when the world most needs to see our colors.