Welcome to a new feature here at A Pensive View. I’m calling it “Top 10 Tuesdays” because I like alliteration and because numbered lists are all the rage these days.

The idea here is for me to share random top 10 things. They might be about me or they might be some other list of nonsense.

Why? For several reasons.

For one, it’s fun. ‘Nuff said.

For two, I’ve blogged enough the last 6 weeks to feel comfortable committing myself to a “weekly feature”.

And thirdly, I’m experimenting with my writing okay? Just play along and read it.

This all started when Reagan and I were in Barnes and Noble last week. I was looking for some writing prompts, just for fun.

Reagan handed me this book:

and I thought, “Why not?” It was on the bargain table and at the most, I made a $6 mistake. I can live with that.

Sometimes I get in ruts and feel the need to break up the monotony. Or I get so tied down in technicalities that I forget to have fun with my writing, hence this new feature.

Writing every day is the main most way to get better at it, so here we are. A foolproof way to make sure that at least one time a week, I drop the heavy, philosophical stuff, let my red hair down, put on my imaginary pajamas and just write for the hell of it.

So without further adieu…..

My Top 10 Food/Food Dishes I Couldn’t Live Without

This southern girl is a foodie so the first list in the book required ZERO effort.

As Megan Trainor sings, “Yeah it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size 2…”

So let’s get it to it, shall we?

1. Biscuits

Hot, fresh from the oven, little butter, little homemade preserves. Don’t you dare pour gravy on it! And don’t give me any of that “flaky layers” crap. A biscuit should be fluffy, yet dense. A complicated yet simple vehicle for meat, cheese, or the previously mentioned preserves. But NO drowning it. Not in syrup, not in gravy. Not for me. Even just plain, this is one southern staple I will NEVER give up.

2. Tacos

Other than my (shhh) naturally brunette hair, I am the whitest girl ever. As in, no exotic ethnicities.  

But I SWEAR I must have some Latino blood in my ancestry somewhere because lordamercy I love Mexican food. 

Also, tacos are one of the easiest go-to dishes for a working woman to make. Too bad my la niña hates them. I think I burned her out on them in-utero.

Lo siento, mi corozon.

3. Fresh Watermelon

I have loved watermelon for as long as I can actually remember. I eat it all summer long and have even attempted to grow my own.

In Mississippi, we have people who have the cultivation of this heavenly fruit down to an art. So I usually leave the growing to the experts and the eating to me.

If you put salt on it, I will look at you like you’re crazy. Because you are. 

Some things are best left au natural. Salt your potatoes, not your watermelon.

4. Shey’s Chili

My husband is a great cook. Several years ago he started playing around with some chili recipes and struck GOLD.

I don’t know what all the man puts in his chili. I think the mystery is part of the appeal. That and the fact I’m not having to cook. 

I just know it requires a LOT of fresh ingredients. Onions, peppers, garlic, a couple of different kinds of meat.

He puts beef tips in his chili so it’s extremely hearty and not soupy. 

I LOVE it. And there’s nothing better on a crisp fall day than a bowl of it garnished with some freshly grated cheddar and a dollop of sour cream.

5. Aunt Rita’s Chocolate Pie

Pie is usually Shey’s department. I’m a cake, bread, cookie lover. But my Aunt Rita makes, hands down, the best chocolate pie in the world. 

Her meringues are perfection. The filling is never runny. And the crust is so light it tastes like angels made it.

I’m not exaggerating y’all. I wouldn’t exaggerate about something or someone I love as much as this pie and the woman that makes it. 

I have to get to her house early during Thankgiving because it will go fast. And I don’t trust any of her kids to not eat the last piece. I sure wouldn’t save it for them! Ha! 

6. Dad’s Hamburgers

My daddy is a grill master. His skills behind one are legendary and, I think, hereditary because I’m not too shabby at grilling either.

Now that he grows his own beef, his burgers are just that much better and I really never thought he could improve on perfection. 

His are the only hamburgers that I could eat more than one during a sitting. And they don’t require “all the fixins”. The flavor is SO good, it needs no dressing up, but a fresh tomato and….

Y’all excuse me a minute……I need to fan myself.

7. Anything my Mama Cooks

Period. The end. My mom is the best cook ever. You might think it’s yours, but it’s not. So there.

8. Bacon and Tomato Sandwiches

I have actually said that if I’m ever sent to death row, this would be my last meal request. 

Bunny bread, miracle whip (shut up I was raised on it), extra crispy bacon, fresh tomatoes, and freshly cracked black pepper. 

I’ll take 4 of them and then you can kill me.

9. Fried Oysters

I developed a love for this acquired taste several years ago. 

Frying oysters is not something just anybody can do because you can botch it up real quick if you’re not careful. 

There is nothing nastier or more disappointing than an overcooked fried oyster.

But there is nothing else in the world like a lightly breaded, perfectly fried oyster. Not chewy, not raw….just that beautiful delicate balance in between.

By themselves or on a po’ boy, these are a food I don’t think I could ever give up altogether.

10. Chocolate

I mean, come on. Seriously? I really don’t think I’d be okay if I had to give up chocolate forever. 

Dark, semi sweet, milk…..I am not partial to any particular kind. I just like it in large quantities without the requirement to share it.

So, as you can see, I’m somewhat passionate about food. Again, I blame it on my southern roots. 

But whatever the reason, these top 10 were fun to think of and write about, but this was by no means a comprehensive list.

Leave me some of your “must have” foods in the comments!