I’m kidding.

1. Laughter

Laughing is my favorite thing. It keeps me sane. Laughing with the ones I love is what makes life worth living. Seeing their smiles. It makes my cup runneth over.

2. Music

Playing music, listening to it, singing along with it, badly. It helps my moods in ways I cannot explain. Even when I’m down and listen to depressing music, it helps me. It releases an energy I need to expend in ways that I can’t. 

3. Prayer

Like music, prayer is a release for me and a way to connect with someone, something bigger than myself. Even just meditating silently makes a huge difference in the rest of my day if I make time to do it first thing in the morning.

4. Being spontaneous

I love predictability and schedules. They make my life easier. But I also love to go completely rogue sometimes. Some of the best moments of my life have been the days where I did the opposite of what I’d normally do before I had time to self-analyze and talk myself out of it.

5. Following my passion

Writing, of course, is my passion but it goes beyond that. For me, following my passion means letting that which stirs me become part of me. I can write, but following my passion for it means writing things that make me uncomfortable, connecting with other writers, allowing parts of myself to become absorbed by those who may or may not be kind to it.

6. Thinking of others

I try to make it a point to be the nice lady that came through the checkout line, because I’ve been on the other side.

I try to remember important details about other people. Things they love. Preferences.

I try to do things to let other people know I’m thinking of them. Beyond what is expected, I try to be the change I want to see in the world.

Obviously I fall short of this all the time, but the pursuit does make me happy. Mostly.

7. Count my blessings

This practice is something that never fails to bring a smile to my face. 

8. Letting go

This is a very hard thing for me to do sometimes. Whether it’s of an idea or a grudge or an issue I deem to be of almighty importance, sometimes the only way to maintain some level of happiness is to let it go.

I suck at it.

Crossed between my constant desire to be right and my stubborn DNA, I have truly, truly struggled with the ability to release certain things from my heart and my mind.

Therapy has been a Godsend and my heart feels lighter than it has in all my 34 years.

9. Be silly

Reagan and Shey are the reason I can do this. They both make me laugh on a daily basis, but I love that we can all be ridiculous together. That’s how families ought to be. Perfectly comfortable to be utterly goofy with and around one another.

10. Appreciate

This goes back a little bit to counting my blessings but I make it a point to tell people, every day, that I appreciate them. 

I don’t need appreciation for the things I do, but I sure do like it when I am. 

What good is all the interaction we have with people on a daily basis if we can’t encourage them a little bit?

Happy Tuesday! Go encourage someone today!