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God for me.

God with me.

God in me.

Lift the fog from my heart and the veil from my eyes.

As your sun rises, raise up my eyes to see the world this day as you see it.

Wondrous. Possibilities abounding.

What has laid dormant throughout the cold, you make new. Life reawakened.

Reawaken my soul.

Squirrels leap from limb to limb, they have no fear of falling from their heights.

Grant me faith to trust in the abilities you’ve given me. Let me not simply walk, but leap, fearlessly.

Birds sing their faithful song of a new day. Grant me joy in the moment. Help me bless the world with my own song.

As the sun rises, it casts light and warmth, breaking the cycle of a dark and brisk night.

Flood my soul with the warmth and light of your spirit that I might reflect your countenance of love and hope.

God for me.

God with me.

God in me.

Holy. Holy. Holy. “Early in the morning, my song shall rise to thee.”