Um, I didn’t forget that it was Tuesday. I just didn’t realize that it was Tuesday until about 10 minutes ago.
Since I’m a stickler for rules and order, I’m treating y’all to a top 10 list of random thoughts so I can still “technically” say I did my Top 10 Tuesday without actually being up until Wednesday writing it. 

And when I say “random”, I mean “random”. None of these things will probably have anything to do with the other.

1. The Reason this Post is Late

Well you see, what had happened was….

I’m not sleeping. My anxiety has been at an all time high. I’ve got a ton of things going on at my day job. And I honest-to-God, completely forgot it was Tuesday.

It feels like Thursday. 

2. I Love My Daughter 

Yesterday, I took the day off from work because the girlchild had two dentist/doctor appointments in the capital city. In between appointments we browsed car lots. I drove half a dozen vehicles and the kid never flinched.

She thoroughly kept the experience interesting by naming every salesperson we encountered after a celebrity that they reminded her of.

We had:

  • Drake
  • Seth Rogen
  • P Diddy
  • The Ladies Man

And it was downright hilarious having this experience with her. She kept me from losing my sanity through the entire exhausting day. And she got to watch her mom not be screwed over by car dealers. A good life lesson for her because she’ll have to do this for herself one day and I hope she’ll remember how her mother didn’t get pushed around by sales people.

3. Social Media

I haven’t been on social media much the last few days. Only here and there have I really looked at it. 

It’s always interesting to me how little I miss most of it when I’m not using it. 

4. Sleep

I mentioned my sleep cycle is all screwed up. But, of course, now that I have a minute to sit down and write, I’m getting sleepy. 

5. The Side Writing Gig

I’m still freelance blogging for chewing gum money. It’s definitely a learning experience. I think they’ve hired some new editors and they are HELLA picky. I had one article sent back to me because I misspelled ONE WORD. 

I kinda thought it was their job to fix little crap like that, but apparently it’s not….

Wonder if I could get hired as quality control….they don’t appear to do much except over-critique and I’m REALLY good at that!

6. I Have a Birthday Next Week

I’ll be 35 next week and I have a whole post I’m working on. I just thought I should mention it here so I can get used to saying, out loud, the number “35” in reference to myself.

7. Book Club Meets Monday

And I am SO not ready….

8. Spring is Here

I’m a spring baby, so I think I just like the season anyway. But everything is looking life-like down here in the south again. Trees budding out. Flowers blooming.

Of course, everything is covered in a layer of yellow dust and people are taking Sudafed like candy, but spring HAS arrived. And it’s already HOT. And I’m really dreading August.

9. I’m really sleepy now

10. Just…so…sleeepppp…zzzzzzz