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Monday Night Page-Turners is the best new thing in my life. We’re 3 months, 3 books, into it. Just started our 4th. 

We have 7 members. “A jock, a nerd, a princess, a basket case, a criminal….” Hahahaha sorry. Couldn’t resist a Breakfast Club reference.

Anyway, I love my book club, and I say “mine” even though it’s “ours” because it’s personal to me, I founded it, and because it has already latched onto my heart.

Here’s why:


We have 7 women from various backgrounds ranging in age from 16 to 42. There are people in it I’ve known for a long time….20 years or so, and people I’m just now getting to really know. 

We all work hard and read with passion.


The books are our common thread. We each love different types of genres, and this club allows us to diversify our reading experiences. 

I haven’t read one yet that resonated with me on an extremely personal level, but each book that has been chosen has provoked interesting discussions.


Our members have the great ability to not take themselves too seriously. We all love to laugh and laugh we do. 

Laughter is food for my soul. 

One of the reasons I started this club, obviously, is because I love to read. But also because I love to talk about books and I love to create an atmosphere where these women can be, usually at the end of a stressful work day, and unwind with good people and lots of joy in finding meaningful connection with other women.


I can read one of our selections and take away elements no one else got. And vice versa. 

Each of our personal experiences is reflected in what resonates with us. I love to hear about how that happens. It’s interesting to me as a student of psychology and of life.


I don’t drink often. Really. But a glass of wine while talking about books with a bunch of fabulous women? It doesn’t get any better.


I love meeting interesting people and getting to know them on a personal level. 

There are women in my book club that I’ve known for a long time but didn’t really know. The opportunity to change that has enriched my life already.


Like any other art, books give us a place to find common ground among the most diverse of people. Connection is important in a divided society. 

Anything that gives you more perspective, I think, is a good thing.

What’s interesting to me is how things come full circle. As an adolescent, I struggled find a “tribe”. I was very different from my peers, raised very differently. But in my 30’s I find that despite how differently many of us grew up, there is so much that now connects us.


Book club is a relaxing environment for me and I hope it is for others.

The women I know and love the most make their homes feel like your own home: unassuming, comfortable, safe. 

I keep the club at my house so no one else has to worry about hosting 7 women on any night and they can simply show up, kick off their shoes if they wish, and just be themselves.

As an introvert who has to be “on” all day, I know how important that type of environment can be and I do my best to provide it.


I just think it’s cool to have an “official” book club. Oprah ain’t got nothin on me.


These women are starting to bond right in front of my eyes. That’s an incredible thing to watch and be a part of. The things that join us are so much greater than anything we could disagree on and that is a powerful message in and of itself.

I’m so glad to have these women in my life and that they all so readily and enthusiastically supported this venture.

If you don’t have a book club, my question for you is, “What’s stopping you?”

Find one, join one, create one. You’ll be glad you did.