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I really do love my 9-5. There are days, of course, where I want to pull every one of my red hairs out. But they really aren’t so often.

Mostly, it’s a fantastic place to work and here’s why.

1. The people

My coworkers are the best on the planet. I can say this with absolute certainty because I have worked with some AWFUL people in the past.

They care about each other. Help each other. And go the extra mile to be a support system to one another.

I have made lifelong friends at my job. That alone leaves me thankful for the place forever.

2. My boss….es

I have several, but the two I deal with on the most regular basis are very good and very good to me. 

They are brilliant guys and I’ve learned so much from them and continue to learn every day.

3. The work itself

My job is never, ever boring. I have learned more in the last two years than I ever thought I could and am taking on new responsibilities these days. 

I love learning. Expanding my experience. It keeps me interested in what I’m doing and I enjoy a challenge.

4. I’m using my education

Psychology doesn’t really seem to appear to go with banking, but psychology is about people. While banking is most certainly about numbers, what sets our institution apart is how we deal with the relationships we have with our customers. 

My education in psychology has given me a great grasp of how human behavior works. And it helps me every single day.

5. The OTHER people

I work with a lot of outside help. Contractors, attorneys, repo agents, etc. These folks are fantastic people. I’ve learned a lot from them too and they make my job a much more enriching experience.

6. The schedule

Bankers hours are pretty much a myth if you actually care about your job. I work much more than 40 hours a week sometimes. But my employer is extremely flexible for my family and has always been understanding of the fact that those family needs come first.

I also get to get out and about. I’m not always stuck behind a desk and that makes a HUGE difference in my level of job satisfaction. 

7. The benefits

I have never worked somewhere with better “extras”. Period.

8. The food.

My lord my coworkers can cook. We eat like a bunch of Baptists on a regular basis. We’re starting another biggest loser competition at my branch next month. Thank God. I’ve already gained back so much of the weight I lost last year. Okay, all of it. I blame my coworkers almost entirely. 

9. My assistant

The very fact that I have an assistant now is AWESOME. But she hasn’t even started yet and she is going to be a tremendous help to me. I am so excited about having her aboard.

10. It’s where I met my husband

Shey and I work for the same employer. It’s a strange love story, but we wouldn’t be “us” without it. 

It gives us a connection that a lot of people don’t have. We understand a lot of each other’s professional frustrations and triumphs. It’s been a good part of our relationship for most of our life together. 

I have never wanted just “a job”. I have always wanted a career. Something I could grow with. I really feel like I have that now in both my 9-5 and my writing. It’s a great feeling and to have contentment in this part of my life and is something that I do my best to not take for granted.