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She couldn’t have known when she picked out this gift that every day for the last week, this has been my prayer. That God would give me strength, give me courage. 

I wonder how many times my own mother has prayed this same prayer. Because knowing what I know now, about having a daughter, she must have. 

I feel a multitude of things today. Mother’s Day is a beautiful celebration and yet, for many, I know it is a bittersweet spot on the calendar. For those who have lost children, or lost their mother. For those who never had a good mom or were able to have their own babies. It’s not easy for everyone. It’s not a day of celebration for every woman. 

I don’t know why I have been so fortunate to have such a wonderful mom. Why I have the amazing daughter I have. But most days, I don’t question it. I’m just thankful. 

I know that I’ll never live up to the example of my own mom. Her level of awesomeness is just….unattainable. And I also know that I fall incredibly short of the kind of mother that my daughter deserves. Which is why this bracelet is such a poignant gift. 

For the most part, I’ve stopped praying for tangible things. It’s not that I don’t think God cares about people’s life situations. It’s just that I’m more interested and I think GOD might be more interested in the intangible. The things that I believe He can supernaturally provide that can’t be found elsewhere.





I had lunch today with 4 generations of women. My grandmothers and my mom represent strength. The knots at the end of my rope. Their example proves to me over and over that I come from strong women. I am a strong woman. I made a strong woman.

My daughter and my niece represent courage. The future. Hope. My daughter is the reason I do anything. I have faced some scary things in my life. But courage is being afraid yet doing the hard things anyway. If not for her, I think I’d have a lot of quit in me by now.

I have no doubt that when I pray for strength and courage, I am not alone. And I don’t just ask for me. But for my own mom, my sister, my friends, and my daughter.

These universal traits of so many women come from a long lineage of prayers throughout the ages. I’m just continuing the chain.