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My daughter just returned from a week at Mississippi School of the Arts. One of her discipline focuses was literary art. At the end of the week, the students chose a piece they had written and it was all compiled into a journal for them to take home. 

Here is the piece that Reagan wrote:

A Dream to Remember

Reagan Ishee

    The forest is filled with rich shades of green and brown, as I start my journey through the woods. The path that curves in front of me is damp and the air smells clean after the light rain from the night before. As I walk forward onto the path, I step on a twig, which makes a muffled snap as the birds fly out of the trees. I watch them as they leave then go on my way down the path that continues to twist before me.

  The path seems well worn, with pine needles and plants pressed flat against the forest floor. I see an area of the ground that looks slightly different than the rest and as I approach, I see that there is something buried underneath the packed down earth. I uncover a broken teacup, with blue and pink flowers painted on it. I put the pieces in my small bag and move on.

    I hear running water farther up the path. I started to move quicker in hope that it is safe to drink. The small stream looks safe as I approach, but as I lean over to take a sip, the water changes color. I stumble back and watch in awe as the color continues to change from blue to brown to pink and then to gold. As I peer closer, I see hundreds of tiny fish swimming. All of them changing colors to the same rhythm as they swim. I look for a way the cross the stream after deeming the water unsafe. I look to my right and see an old, rickety, wooden bridge. After glancing back at the water, I decide to take my chances and cross it.

    Farther up the trail, I see something that makes me freeze in my tracks. On the path before me I see two, huge black bears. I slowly lay onto the ground and close my eyes. They growl and I can feel it in my bones. My heart pounds as the grounds shakes when they start lumber towards me. They sniff my face and the rancid smell of their breath makes my eyes water. I stay still and finally they move on.

    When they finally leave, I continue my journey and stumble upon a house. On the outside, it looks like a simple log cabin. I approach the door and as I do, it slowly creaks open. I peer inside and gasp. There are multiple floors high above me and lavish furniture is everywhere upon the marble floors. As I move closer, I start to see shadows moving along the halls. After having enough terrifying encounter for the day, I leave immediately.

    Later along the path, I run across a small white picket fence, no taller than my waist. It looks stable, but as the wind blows, it falls over. I continue on my way until I reach the field I was searching for. Bright green grass and red poppies cover it for miles and miles as far as the eye can see. All of a sudden, I notice a stranger standing in the middle of the field. I approach the pale-skinned and dark- haired figure. I reach for their shoulder and it turns around.

    Before I can make out any features, the world becomes foggy and when it clears, I awaken from my dream.

Not to brag, but my kid is awesome.