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I’m a writer. So, naturally, I love words. Here’s some things I know about them.

10. They last

When everything else fades, they can remain burned into your memory. 

You can hold a love letter in your hands. Remember. Go back in time.

It’s part of why I write about the people I know. So they have something to go back to on the days they need to be reminded that they matter to someone.

9. They help us see

Words can create imagery of all sorts of colors, using only the black and white letters on a page.

Overdescription is a pet peeve of mine though. I don’t like for an author to do all of the work that my imagination is perfectly capable of performing.

8. They help us feel

They can make us cry. Or laugh. Or feel things that we’d long forgotten. 

They can offer hope, or drag someone under the water that they are already struggling to tread.

Language is such a beautiful thing. 

7. They help us know

They can document things that need to be remembered. Facts that should be known. Information that must be shared.

6. They have power

They can bring comfort to the lonely, encourage those in despair. 

Likewise, the absence of them can bring despair, doubt, fear of what isn’t being said. 

5. They come in all shapes and sizes

They can be shouted, or whispered, or written to simply let the reader take them as they wish. 

4. They express

Poetry. Stories. Speeches. Books. Articles. Song lyrics. All art. All used to express something the writer needed to convey. If for no other reason than to release it from their soul.

3. They free

They offer apologies, and accept them. They are used to speak truth. They make up prayers. Mantras. 

2. They bind

Promises. Vows. Contractually obligate. Release from imprisonment. 

1. They’re free

But they’re not always cheap. They’re not always given away when needed the most. And they’re spoken or written sometimes in haste. 

These little things. These words. They’re life and death. Truth and lies. Love and peace or fear and hatred. Words can be full or empty. 

They can destroy or rebuild. 

May we all use them well.