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They say one day we’ll look back on our lives and realize that the little things were the big things. I think that’s very true, especially the older I get.

10. Silence

In a world that seems constantly noisy, silence can hold profound meaning. It can bridge a divide, or create one. It can provide peace, or madness. It can imply compliance, or defiance.

Choosing when to break it is the mark of wisdom.

9. New and/or freshly laundered sheets

My busy summer is catching up with me. While out shopping for school supplies, I picked up a new set of sheets.

I splurged a little on a higher thread count. Last night, after a hot bath, I crawled into my freshly made bed and reveled in the simplistic pleasure of new linens. Pure perfection.

8. Hugs

Nothing quite shows affection like a genuine embrace. Sometimes it can say more than any words could explain. It is encouragement, affection, hope, and acceptance, all rolled into one physical expression.

7. Books

Little things that can be held in the hands, but what worlds they hold. Thoughts, ideas, stories. Inspiration, escape, and imagination at our fingertips.

6. Smiles

Want to make someone’s day? Smile at them.

5. Touch

There’s been a lot in the media about Princess Diana these last few months. One of the things she was known for was being accessible to the masses, especially those outcast from society.

Being willing to touch the untouchable, both literally and figuratively, can mean the world to those on the fringes, the ones hanging on by a thread of hope.

4. Connection

One of the things I’ve always loved about writing in this format is the connection I’ve developed with other writers.

I’ve made some lasting friendships through this medium. Our art connected us.

I’ve made other connections through work, church, mutual friends. All of these have become important to me. Many of them, without intention of them becoming so. But they have. They are. And they give my life depth and contrast.

3. Nature

There is a moment, just before the sun rises, that feels akin to desperation. It can seem so dark. So gloomy. And then, almost suddenly, there is light.

Seeing flowers on the brink of bloom or watching the tide roll in and out – little tastes of something divine.

2. Music

Seven little notes on a musical scale with sharp and flat variations.

Think about the millions of songs and symphonies that have been derived from those simple tones.

1. Minutes

Made up of tiny, fleeting seconds. They turn into the years, decades of our lives.

They all count.

They all matter.