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Today is not just any, ordinary day. Which is why no simple Top 10 post would do this week.

My big sister has a birthday today. And not just any birthday – a milestone. The big 4 – 0.

So, instead of a Top 10 this week, I’m going to share 40 things about why I love my sister and love being a sister to her. 40 things about why my sister is awesome. 40 wishes for her. All of the above. Because 40 is special. And no simple list will do.

40. No one knows me better

I’ve known her longer than anyone else, besides our parents. She’s never not been in my life. Of all the people that know me, she has had a front row seat, and I have with her.

This results in a bond like no other.

39. No b.s.

Because we know each other so well, there is no pretense to our relationship. We don’t have to be polite for the sake of being polite. We can just let out anything that the outside world might find……unacceptable. I have discovered that I can say a lot of things to my sister that I couldn’t admit to anyone else. It’s very liberating.

38. Commiserating

I love that we are both moms. Both married. Naturally, we experience a lot of the same emotions. But we have more in common than just our parents and the fact that we are both domestics.

We struggle with some of the same issues. We deal with many of the same frustrations. We both know how important it is to just be able to have someone to complain with.

37. She has dimples.

My sister has a killer smile. And she has the most perfect dimples.

I only know a handful of people who actually have them. There’s something about dimples that make it almost impossible not to smile when you see them on the face of someone with a smile like hers.

36. Inside jokes

I could say something as simple as “monkey ass” and she would immediately get it.

35. Brutal honesty

Except when we each need to hear how wonderful we are. And it’s okay. We know we aren’t perfect. But sometimes you just need somebody to gloss over your imperfections and focus on your best features and traits.

34. Memories

We have been so many places, experienced so many things. It’s like having spent a whole lifetime with someone before your actual life really begins.

33. She has twins

No matter what, my sister carried and birthed a set of twins. That makes her infinitely better than me and more of a woman. There. I said it. You can stop rubbing it in my face.

32. She was born first

But they saved the best for last. šŸ˜œ

31. Spontaneity

Most of the people I know are creatures of habit and routine. To some extent, so am I. But there’s something to be said for totally breaking away from that on occasion.

My sister is the only person I know that I could text at midnight (because it’s quite likely she’d be awake) and propose a drive to the Huddle House, a trip to Wal-Mart for no reason, or to the coast to watch the sun rise and she’d say, “Okay!”. Or “Go to bed.” Because there’s always that brutal honesty. Even in spontaneous idea proposals.

30. Cat lover

She is the epitome of “crazy cat lady”. That is all.

29. Care giver

She has 3 kids and a husband with C.F.. Care-giving is her way of life. And I respect her, tremendously.

28. Humility

I don’t think that my sister thinks she’s better than anyone else. She’s never acted like she was and she’ll be quick to point it out.

27. Don’t mess with her

But she’s also quick to halt you if you’re being a crappy person or aggravating her!

26. She appreciates the absurd

At least a couple of times a week I will get a meme or a gif or a video that solidifies our mutual amusement at the ridiculous.

25. She’s nostalgic

I think I’ve always been the sappier one. But she’s got a nostalgic streak in her as well. Probably more than she’s willing to admit. And only she would appreciate some of the same things that I do. That’s priceless.

24. She’s fearless.

She’d say otherwise, but she’s faced a lot in her life. Stared down some scary stuff. I appreciate the part of her that owns the uncertain and takes it one day at a time

23. She FINALLY eats tomatoes

Not like I do, but, ya know, baby steps.

22. She’s affectionate

We’re an affectionate family. And her hugs have been there for me when I was falling apart. There are no words to describe what that means to me.

21. We are so different.

Like night and day, sometimes. But how boring would it be if we were alike in every way?

20. She is private.

While I live my life with my heart on my sleeve most days, she internalizes a lot. Sometimes I wish I could do that.

19. She has my back.

No fiercer defender can I call on when I need a warrior.

18. She’s pretty.

Not just dimples. Beautiful blue eyes. Soft skin. Great hair. She and I are both curvier than we used to be, but we own it. We embrace the bodies that life and children have given us. And that makes us stunning. And if you don’t think so, you can kiss our cellulite.

17. Walks

Sometimes, when we’re at our parents’ house, we’ll take a walk. Just the two of us. Just to talk. I treasure those walks.

16. Support

She was there when I graduated. There when I lost my election. When my daughter was born. When we lost people we loved. I can’t imagine not having her by my side in some of the most significant moments of my life.

15. She knows the crazy

Only my sister can appreciate the deep vein of insanity that runs in our family. She’s one of the safest people I can talk to about it.

14. She cries with me.

Sometimes……sometimes that’s all you need. Someone to feel your pain with you. And give a damn enough to show it.

13. She has a strong faith.

She’s not showy about it. Doesn’t use it to make other people feel inferior. She just trusts and leans on God and her belief is sincere and steadfast.

12. She has a tender heart.

Babies. Animals. Older people. She has a soft spot for the vulnerable. I think that’s one of the things I love about her the most.

11. She’d do anything for me.

I know it.

10. I wish her joy today.

The kind of joy that nothing can diminish.

9. I wish her good health.

Energy, light-heartedness, and physical contentment.

8. I wish her prosperity.

That all of her plans would be blessed and succeed.

7. I wish her peace.

When things don’t go as planned. When uncertainty abounds.

6. I wish her freedom.

Freedom from anything that holds her spirit down.

5. I wish her security.

That she would know, beyond any doubt, just how special and loved she is by so many.

4. I wish her hope.

That she’d never give up on her dreams.

3. I wish her strength.

To continue fighting the battles she has. To be the best wife and mom she can be. These are the hardest jobs in the world.

2. I wish her wisdom.

For every crossroad, every decision, large or small.

1. I wish her love.

That through these words she would see just how special and unique she is, and how lost I’d be without her as my sister. My forever friend.