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So it’s probably pretty obvious that I’m not feeling my best lately. For those who don’t follow my blog through Facebook, I decided to take a hiatus from that particular form of social media.

I love being connected. But sometimes what starts as connection turns into mental overload. Especially in socially trying times. The best thing I can do for myself is simply step back, and quiet the noise in my own head.

I’m taking a sick day today. Being sick doesn’t always look like fevers and physical discomfort. And today, I’m doing some things for my soul, my mind, my spirit.

1. I went to bed early

By 9:30, the lights were off and I was deeply relaxed. I slept through the night and woke up feeling rested and ready for the day I have planned.

2. I’m meditating

I’ll have some time this morning to just sit, in silence. Pray. Center.

3. I’m casually dressing

No dressy business attire for me today. Jeans. A comfy shirt. Clothes that promote a more relaxed state of mind.

4. I’m reading

Book Club meets in less than 2 weeks. I’ll be spending some time with our selection today. I’ll also be reading some blogs. Some poetry. Some stories.

5. I’m going to therapy

I don’t remember how long it’s been….. several months. It could get intense, which is another reason I took the whole day off. It’s a draining experience to go through some of the places I’ll visit today and it requires concentration. But I’ve missed it. All of the aforementioned things in this list will help me, because as much as I look forward to my session, it can be a very emotional hour.

6. Im getting a massage

I’m not sure what made me book this appointment. I haven’t had a professional massage in years. Something just told me I needed it.

On one of my first visits to a massage therapist, I was overwhelmed by just how much stress I was carrying in my body. There were no words spoken in that hour, but I remember weeping.

It was healing. And I need that again.

7. I’m shopping for someone

My wonderful mom has a birthday this weekend. I’ll be picking out a gift for her. Thinking of her.

8. I’m catching up with a friend

I’m long overdue for a visit with one of my former professors. She and I seem to only be able to meet up about once a year, but nearly four years after I’ve graduated, we have maintained a close connection.

She is perhaps the biggest blessing I received when I went back to college. I am thankful to have had her mentorship and guidance during my education. And I’m even more thankful to now have her friendship.

9. I’m driving

I drive a lot in my job, but sometimes that’s a blessing, not a curse. I need that time to mentally prepare for my day or to recover from it. Sometimes I listen to music, or podcasts, or audio books. Sometimes I just drive in silence or talk to myself or pray. It’s very therapeutic in and of itself, this time alone in the car.

10. I’m going to bed early…again

When I get home tonight, I’ll be refreshed and relaxed. I’ll listen to my husband and daughter tell me about their day. And then I’ll sleep. And I’ll sleep the sleep of the rested and restored.