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I don’t try and hide it and I’m not ashamed, but, more years than not, I suffer from an annual lack of “Holiday Cheer”. In fact, there have been some years, if I didn’t have a daughter, I might would have considered skipping Christmas.

I roll my eyes when the decorations are out before Halloween, or even Thanksgiving. I don’t listen to carols or put up anything Christmas-related and my little lights aren’t twinkling until at LEAST the weekend after Turkey Day.

I don’t even usually finish my Christmas shopping until the weekend before Christmas, if not even Christmas EVE itself! My attitude being, “there’s always tomorrow”.

I’m typically a little Grinchy about all of those doe-eyed Who-down-in-Whoville types who think Christmas Day is in our grasp as long as we have hands to clasp.

I love Christmas. In its time. But I’m not in a rush for it to get here.

I like to enjoy holidays one at a time, and I love me some Thanksgiving, so I don’t want it to go by so fast that I don’t savor it and give it its proper due. I mean, I can’t accept the beginnings of the Christmas season without first having a helping of turkey, dressing, and cranberry sauce – shaped like a can.

But this year, I feel like a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins: I’ll be damned if I don’t have a healthy helping of Holiday Cheer. And the calendar JUST rolled over to November.

I don’t know how it happened. But I DO know that my Sirius Satellite Radio went and did something all voodooish and I’m not so sure some type of Holiday Elf didn’t put some kind of hex on me. One day I was driving along, changing radio stations, when I noticed one of my easy listening pop stations was suddenly called “Holly” and is now playing Christmas Classics that I don’t usually listen to until December. I started listening to it…………..and I haven’t. stopped.

Lights are bewitching me. My apron and baking supplies are whispering to me.

And I’ve even *gasp* been thinking about doing some Black Friday shopping!

This just isn’t ME, y’all! I don’t get this way. I don’t know what has come over me.

I feel like I deserve a major award!  

It’s not that I go COMPLETELY Scroogey, but most years I just want to scream, “Isn’t there anybody that can tell me what Christmas is all about?”!

I don’t know why this year is different. I’m trying not to question it too much. Just enjoy it. Soak up the joy that arrived so unexpectedly early. Enjoy the people that I love, and make sure they know it. And even though I’m not rich enough to buy them all gifts, no man is a failure who has friends.

God bless us, every one.

*Can you find all my Christmas movie references? There are 10 in all! This post is totally true, by the way, and incorporating the movie stuff is just evidence that I’m going very “Buddy”………..I haven’t been in the eggnog, I swear….