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The slogan has been around for as long as I can remember. But I don’t think I wondered, until this morning, how it came about.

I’ve been back to the track in the last couple of weeks. I didn’t do a single 5K this year. That is not acceptable. Not when it’s still my goal to run one. But I can’t do that unless I start by walking.

And that doesnt happen without a decision. “Just do it.”

Even though I’ve been prioritizing other things. Even though the time has changed and I have to rush to get in an outdoor workout before dark. Even though I could make 1,000 excuses. 

I have to decide. I have to consciously tie up those laces and go.

Some things in life become so much a part of our lifestyle that we no longer really make conscious choices about them. 

We call them “habits”. 

But somewhere along the way, we decided. It may be so long ago, or we may have been so young that we don’t remember the deciding. But it happened.

And from those decisions, whatever we “Just do” is born.

I don’t know why it’s so easy to start bad habits and so hard to keep good ones. But I think the key word there is “easy”.

If something is easy, we generally don’t have to be told to do it. We just do.

And I’ve been thinking about how that translates into our everyday lives, beyond the walking track or 5K goals. 

The hard things, the moments where we have to be motivated or told what to “Just do” are often some make or break times in our lives. 

Learning how to “Just do” is a lifestyle.

Just do…..love.

Just do……peace.

Just do……humility.

Just do……joy.

Just do……..passion.

Don’t wait for permission. Or until you “feel” like it. Because it won’t happen if you wait. And then you will be empty. Your heart and your spirit will be out of shape.

One of my problems, and the problems of other people with personalities similar to mine, is we simply think too damn much. We overanalyze in an attempt to understand. 

Understanding is important, and it has it’s place. But it’s not always necessary. Sometimes, oftentimes, what is necessary, is to “Just do it.”


Look if you must, but don’t linger. 


Allow the possibility of pain for the hope of love.

Decide on happiness, even when, especially when, it seems the most elusive. 

Find something, some sliver of joy, and cling to it. And don’t be afraid to eliminate that and those from your life (and your newsfeed) that somehow temper your contentment.

Pursue your passion. 

Write crap. Post it on the internets and let it be. 

Paint and let it be. 

Photograph and let it be. Play the music and let it be. 

Make a quilt, or a big meal for your family and let it be. 

Your passion doesn’t have to include perfection. In fact, it won’t. So embrace that, and just do it.

Love people, love yourself, recklessly. It will hurt like hell when they’re gone. And some of them may never love you back. Just do it.

Just do it.

Just do it.