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Oh how the mighty have fallen. 

I’m chugging along, exercising (even running some!), work is going well, holidays are in sight and I’m feeling festive and merry……then WHAM! A sinus infection. 

One of those hit-you-out-of-nowhere-just-let-me-die-but-could-you-make-me-some-soup-first kind of illnesses. 

I don’t get sick nearly as much as I used to. When Reagan was a small child, it seemed like we constantly passed infections of some sort back and forth.

But now, I no longer have:

  • Tonsils
  • A gallbladder
  • Any female reproductive organs

I take vitamins. I drink a TON of water. And I quit smoking. Yes, yes you read that right. I quit smoking.

For years I harbored this habit, and kept it relatively hidden from most people. But it was my crutch. One that my anxiety kept me dependant on and running to, again and again.

But I quit. Recently. In fact, Thanksgiving Day will mark 3 months that I have been free of this addiction.

And make no mistake, it is an addiction. One that is really hard to break.

One that never goes away.

I struggle with that fact. Because I’ll never not want to smoke. But I don’t miss the irritability of when I had gone a few hours without a cigarette. I don’t miss the way a sinus infection like the one I’m battling now would make me feel 10 times worse because of the poor state of my respiratory system. I don’t miss the habit.

But, ya know what? This is so relative to my last post about parallel truths. I will always WANT to smoke. Because it is a habit that I enjoyed. It wasn’t good for me at all, but I loved it. I loved the way it made me feel. I loved the way it calmed me down. I loved the way it soothed me. And I just loved the taste of a cigarette. 

I gave up the habit, but the habit will never give up on me. And I have to live with that truth, alongside of the new one that I created for myself by putting down my lighter for good.

On a lighter note (pun intended) 😜, I am still planning to be over this crud and in the JCP parking lot before dawn on Friday morning. I AM doing this Black Friday thing. I have a list. I have a plan. And goshdarnit I’m going to get the bulk of my shopping DONE this weekend. 

I am actually starting to feel the mania…..of course, that might be all the OTC meds I’ve pushed through my body in the last 72 hours. But still, I am feeling a rush of pre-shopping adrenaline starting to build in my system. I’m so ready to get my packages home, put up the trees, help hubs hang the lights on the house, and start rolling Christmas flicks! 

I’m ready to start Christmas baking. Wrapping gifts. Observing Advent and soaking up all of the spiritual preparation that makes Christmas even more beautiful, more hopeful.

Some spiritual growth

Because that’s where I think I found my joy this year. I think that’s where this year is different from previous years. And it’s a continuation of the parallel truth concept as well:

Christmas, for the Christian, is about hope. It’s about promises fulfilled. It’s about Love coming into our midst. 

As Christians, we hold the truth of this holiday with the truth of Black Friday and Easter Sunday. They all work together to write the story of redemption. And that, my friends, is worth celebrating. 


But on to the random observation portion of this post. (If I sound completely without flow and the writing seems awkward and disjointed, please refer back to the statement where I mentioned my heavily medicated state.)


As is often the case, fashion trends often return for another chance at wreaking havoc on society, but more specifically on women’s clothing options. This year? Velvet has come back into “style”. I don’t mind certain colors making a heavy imprint on fashion trends, or even the occasional trendy pattern (chevron, anyone?), but I’ve got to draw the line somewhere and velvet is where it’s going to be drawn this year. Yeah, if you’re a little size 4, your velvet romper might be cute……wait, no. No it’s not. Velvet should be reserved for the 1980s, the occasional plush stuffed animal, and MAYBE a Christmas party dress. IF it’s tastefully created. But only if it’s black. MAYBE red. But yeah, I’m not liking all of these velvety things. And I especially don’t intend to look like a squishy stuffed animal myself, so I’m going to cling to my cotton and flannel and let this fad pass over.

Slut costumes

I realize that Halloween is over, but can I just say that I’m so over every. Single. Costume. For a woman being a slutty version of something else? “Sexy police officer” “Sexy nurse” “Sexy Janitor” “Sexy Lunch Lady


Next year, I’m just going to wear all black with a big NO printed on my shirt. 


I did a snap chat story on this topic, but I want to reiterate it here, because it’s HELLA important. Dude bros, listen up! 

Wear cologne SPARINGLY. If you don’t know what “SPARINGLY” means, go look it up. Never mind, I want to make sure you understand. Here, I’ll post the definition:


If you’re going through Brut at a rate of approximately 1 bottle per week, you need to start reducing your usage until you can make that bottle last you at LEAST a year. Just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean you can get away with wearing more.

I swear, y’all. I was in a store this past weekend and, I knew, it being a furniture store, that we’d be attacked like fresh meat as soon as we stepped inside. I used to work for this particular establishment and I know how their sales teams operate. Still, I wasn’t prepared to be nearly knocked unconscious by this dude’s overpowering stench of chemically enhanced “fragrance”. The cold front that pushed through MS on Saturday, dropping our daily highs from the 70s to the 50s is probably to blame for my current illness, but I also believe that the headache and sore throat I acquired upon leaving that store were also, at least partially, to blame on this over eager salesman that, bless his heart, spilt his whole bottle of smell good on hisself. 

Sophomore slump

Last year, I participated in a workplace fantasy football league. I won. I made it look easy. And I knew, this year, the pressure would be on to prove myself as more than a first time fluke.

I did my research. Picked my team. Got the lowest draft grade. No worries, same thing happened last year. But that’s the ONLY thing that has mirrored my last season.

I’ve had a ton of players get hurt. I’ve turned over so many on my team I don’t even really remember who I have most weeks. I am currently next to last in the rankings. 

But hey, there’s always next year. Still, experiencing the highest of highs last year was not good preparation for being nearly the lowest of the low this season. 

Thankfully, it has gone that way for most of the players in our league so nobody can really say much in the way of smack talk because it’s all been so unpredictable! 

Another sick day

I took a sick day yesterday. I took another today. Aside from a headache that won’t quit, I’m feeling much better than I did Saturday night. 

So far all I’ve done is sleep. And read. And play Jeopardy on my phone. And write this drivel. But maybe it’s just the rest I need to fortify me for the busy weeks ahead. So while I haven’t felt my best, I will use this time as an opportunity to relax. Solidify my plans. And get ready to embrace the Christmas season with wide open arms.

I don’t know if I’ll post again until after Thanksgiving, so I do wish you all a Happy Turkey Day. Let the feasting begin! May your Turkey be tender and your cranberry sauce be fresh……ly CANNED!!! πŸ˜‰