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For the last several weeks, the news has been story after story of “Wow! Him too?”

And I’ve been thinking about how the onslaught of these stories must look to my daughter’s generation.

Does it frighten them? Make them angry? Make them wary? Pessimistic?

For those of us who have been in the workplace for most of our lives, I don’t think the stories of the women coming forward these days with allegations of sexual abuse and harassment are surprising at all. 

It’s that common. 

I would like to believe that these are isolated incidents, not indicative of society as a whole. But, the truth is, it happens so much more than people want to believe. And when people finally feel like they might be believed, might be supported, and there might actually be a consequence for their oppressor, then it doesn’t surprise me that we are having such a barrage of women stepping forward. 

And, for my generation, it’s a relief I think. To see some people finally held accountable for their crimes and misconduct. 

For my daughter’s generation too, because hopefully we are beginning to set a precedent. Maybe the prevalence of this problem will continue to decrease as those who would harass, or downright assault, realize that they might not get away with it. 

Still, I can’t imagine what some of this relentless reporting on the issue must do to a young woman’s thought process. How it might affect her opinion and view of the world.

Certainly I want Reagan to be self-aware, and able to defend herself. I want her to never be afraid to stand up for herself if she’s ever pressured, harassed, or manipulated. 

But also, I just want her to see some beauty in the world. There are times when we have to face down the darkness, and set about the work of defeating it wherever and whenever we can.

Because this world is not perfect, but it’s not all terrible. 

In fact, a lot of it is downright breathtaking. And THAT is what I want her to focus on. What I am trying, more and more, to focus on myself. The good, the right, the perfect, the lovely. 

So, today, we’re off on a road trip. To see some of that beauty. To wrap ourselves in it. In the companionship of precious women we love. To laugh. To eat well. To see the beauty. Around us, and in each other.