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Writing, sarcasm, artistic expression.

Often lots of personal confession.

Parenting wins, parenting fails.

Tributes and poems and life details.

Mental health, women’s issues.

Travel, photos, book reviews.

Life in words. Lessons learned.

Growth and change and scars that were earned.

New friendships, also, while deepening the old.

All of the stories yet to be told.

Abandoning fear. Honesty first.

Second guessing whenever the truth really hurts.

Letting go of the past, forgiving transgressions.

Forgiving myself, but remembering the lessons.

Writing for fun, for documentation.

Writing for art, for proclamation. 

Records broken. Challenges faced.

What once was frightening has now been embraced.

The artist is free. Her momentum is strong. 

Finally liberated and where she belongs.

Blank pages call out, in need of attention.

A new year ahead. Much will be written.

More lessons learned. More changes wrought. 

New places seen. Reflections and thoughts. 

Best wishes to you for the coming new year.

I wish you much joy, peace with no fear.

Thank you for reading. For commenting, sharing.

Thank you for debating. Just….thank you for caring.