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How did you wrap up 2017? Did you eat a piece of the World’s Largest Moon Pie?

Uh, I did. 

It wasn’t just the 10th Anniversary of the Moon Pie Drop in Mobile, Alabama this past weekend. 2017 was also the 100th anniversary of the Moon Pie itself. 

Here is a photo of the decadent masterpiece in all its pre-cut glory:

It was certainly the freshest Moon Pie I’d ever tasted, but, alas, there was no RC Cola to be found. Just as well though, because it was too damn cold to be standing outside drinking cold beverages.

Which is why we ended up at the Royal Street Tavern for cold beverages while we waited on the other Moon Pie experience: the countdown to midnight, 2018, while a giant Moon Pie is “dropped” down the side of one of the tallest buildings in downtown Mobile.

That, is a pomegranate martini. THAT is the best drink I’ve EVER had. 

Prior to the Moon Pie fest, we dined at Wintzell’s Oyster House. 

Wintzell’s is somewhat of a staple in my agenda when I visit Mobile, but it was pretty remarkable we were even hungry because this is what we had for brunch:

A spicy southwest scramble of eggs and Chorizo with a side of salsa and tortillas.

City grits: plain grits with Gruyere and topped with tomatoes, green onions, and bacon.

The Floridian. An omelette stuffed with cream cheese and crab meat, topped with cheese and green onions. On the side? The biggest, fluffiest biscuit I’ve ever seen in my life. 

When you can’t decide between a mimosa or coffee, you compromise and get the caffeine you know you need with a shot of Bailey’s. 

Do you see these beignets? They are served with a side of orange marmalade honey. The honey was really tasty. I sat and marveled at my husband talking about how good it was. Because he didn’t know it was honey. And he HATES honey. Or so he thought. 😂😂

That missing beignet from the plate? I ate it. I was so excited that I tasted one before I thought to photograph them. And we ate ALL of them so I’m glad I remembered to take a picture at all!

I’ve never visited Another Broken Egg Cafe before this visit to Mobile, but it was so cold and rainy Sunday morning, we drove over to Fairhope for the morning and gave it a try. 

I’ll definitely be going back.

And, wouldn’t you know, in a charming little place like Fairhope, there is also a charming little book store? 

Page and Palette is complete with a coffee shop and lots of works by local authors. Plenty of unique gift ideas also, in addition to, of course, a great selection of titles. 

I’m not a late night person so in between the morning outing to Fairhope and the evening events downtown Mobile, I did something that I do most Sundays: I napped.

In style though. At the lovely Admiral Hotel.

This was the first time I had stayed anywhere downtown besides the Battlehouse, and The Admiral did not disappoint. Comfortable, clean rooms. Polite staff. It’s definitely a keeper.

For me, 2017 was a crazy year with a ton of changes. 

But I think it was so fitting that I finished my year in a way unlike any other way I’ve ever rang in a New Year. Because it reflected the kind of changes I’ve tried to make in my life over the last year. I’ve tried to stop simply letting life happen to me, and be a more active participant, creating the life I want. 

I love the city of Mobile. I never tire of visiting. Learning about new places to see, camping out in the familiar, laughing and talking to one of my favorite people. It was the best way to end a year.

And now we have begun a new year. One that, I’m sure, will hold its own set of challenges and changes. 

All I can say is:

Bring it 2018. I’m ready.