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In case you were not aware of it, January is considered the “free trial month” of a new year.

The free trial month of 2018 is nearing an end. I don’t pretend that I made any resolutions for it. I didn’t. And even if I did, I sure as hell know better than to make any for January 1. 

However, I decided February “objectives” could be a possibility. Less pressure, I suppose. And I read something the other day that really helped me.

Apparently, if you break dreaded tasks into “micro-tasks” it is much more likely that you will actually accomplish your objectives.

We know this to be true in weight loss – focusing on small goals instead of large ones. 

I guess it makes sense in other objectives as well.

But the things is, I also did something else this month besides read this very helpful article. 

I signed up for Netflix. 

This is not a huge announcement for most people, but I have been unable to access Netflix for the last several years due to various factors that included a lack of the appropriate internet capabilities.

But that is ancient history and I’m now an entire season into Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, and a rewatch with my kid of The Walking Dead.

Not to mention the other shows that I’m NOT an entire season into YET.

But back to my February objectives.

Objective: Clean out the Bedroom Closet


1. Close the Netflix app….Oh wait, that next episode looks good….just one more…I have to see if Don Draper is who he says he is!

1a. Really close Netflix this time.

2. Power down the iPad. 

2a. Plug iPad into charger. That cord is really loose. Adjusts it. I really should get a different extension cord. Opens list app on phone and adds extension cord to list. 

Oohh, Facebook notification – someone liked my picture of my kid getting her braces off. Awww. They left a sweet comment. I should see what they’re up to on their page…..

An hour later…..

3. Get out of bed.

4. Don’t get distracted by food in the kitchen on the way to the laundry room for trash bags.

5. Get said trash bags. Oh, clothes are through tumbling in dryer….might as well put those up.

Oh. More clothes in washer. Need to be transferred to dryer. Will do that so they can be tumbling while closet is cleaned out. 

Heads into den with laundry basket of clothes. (Becomes distracted by food in the kitchen on the way. The micro-task of avoiding food distractions wasn’t repeated twice on the list, thereby accommodating the round trip thru the kitchen.

Washes down snack with cold milk. Getting low on milk. Opens list app to add “milk”. Twitter story catches attention. Goes on 20 minute imaginary rant about idiot politicians and the ignorant masses. 

Puts dishes in sink. Ugh. I need to wash these dishes. 

Washes dishes.

Empties coffee grounds. Trash bag is full so it is sacked up and replaced with bag intended for closet cleanout.

Folds clothes. Puts clothes away. Looks around closet and thinks, “Damn I need to clean out this mess.”

Let me go get some trash bags. Remembers I’m getting low on trash bags. Opens list app to add item to shopping list.

Oooh, Netflix……

Now, obviously, that closet hasn’t been purged. But you know what I DID purge last week?

My Facebook friends list.

I did not follow the micro-task theory with this particular project. I kept it quite simple, really. I asked people who wanted to continue to be my friend to comment and tell me why.

Many did. Some didn’t. And, to be perfectly frank, I even unfriended some people who DO engage with my Facebook page because I just got tired of some of the shit THEY post and some of the attitudes THEY have.

Basically, I’m just trying to rid my life of some junk and I got further with the virtual than with the material. 

But I will get there.

One micro-task at a time.

But first, one more episode on Netflix…