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How long does it take for the tranquility of a vacation to leave one’s mind?

I’m not sure exactly, but, if you’re not well, and your child is not well, and if you have 2 cars full of stuff to load in 78 degree heat and humidity in FEBRUARY and then 4 – 5 hours on the road in the rain only to end up at the local after hours clinic that you LOATHE but you just can’t drive any more and all you want is a shot in your ass so you can breathe and swallow without wanting to die and all they’ll give you is an antihistamine that doesn’t even help for 2 days and you end up having to take your child to her regular doctor anyway and you realize that your vacation week is now turning into eat-up-all-your-sick time week and you miss book club but you didn’t get to finish the book anyway because every time you pick it up you get interrupted and the only thing you really want to do is cuss people out on Facebook for just being stupid and binge watch Mad Men and The Office on Netflix and then you occasionally check your email and suddenly remember that you shouldn’t do that either because it reminds you of things that make you stressed and irritable and you’re already hella irritable but you’re not really sure if it’s just the heat in February the lost vacation the sickness new medication other physical issues or just the fact that you wanted a few days of introspection but that didn’t happen because you literally got sick as you were headed out of town to a beautiful condo on the Florida coast that you barely got to enjoy because it’s honestly all kind of a blur now even though you’ve barely been home 48 hours….

Yeah. Not long.