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The more I read on social media, the more I hate social media.

My sister told me last week, in a moment of her famous, brutal, big sister honesty, “The next time you do a Facebook purge, just do it. Don’t announce it. Just do it!”

As I’ve kind of contemplated that statement, I’ve considered some other things as well.

Social media is fascinating because it shows just how desperate the human race is for validation, support, and connection.

And yet it very, very rarely provides any of those things for the average user.

And it gives us what we think is a snapshot of society. But I really hope that’s not true. I really hope, and have to believe, humanity is so much better than what I see on my newsfeed. I have to believe that.

And so I have decided that I am left with two options: I can delete my Facebook (which I have been encouraged to do by a friend who says I won’t miss it) or I can be fierce. I can post positive things.

Beautiful art.

Authentic writing.

For now, I’m choosing the latter. If my current mental state declines any further, I will probably just step away from Facebook and call it a good run.

For the overthinker, Facebook is kind of a nightmare. I’ve been guilty of overanalyzing things that should not be given more than a moment’s thought. In that way, I’m having to train my brain to not do that. At least not in regard to Facebook.

This curious little app causes me many frustrations, so, instead of wasting my time in political arguments or wondering why certain people are so damn passive aggressive, I’m trying to be the positive change I want to see. And just ignore or unfollow the rest as best I can.

For now.

And, if that doesn’t work, there’s always Instagram. 😊