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Fearful in a safe space, when there is one

Often, too often, there isn’t

Only the feeling of forsakeness

Except, when there isn’t

Moments so fleeting

So few and far between

They might have only been a dream

Sadness…..more than just an emotion

More than tears

A mourning of what ifs

Can’t bes

Lost…wasted innocence

Redemption rises

A slow gathering of internal strength

Releasing and relaxing of clenched fists

Holding fast to the beautiful

The good

The eternally good

A turning to the blinding Light

Eyes adjusting after so much time in shifting shadows

Warmth permeates



Slowly….slowly…it breaks the long-felt coldness

Slowly….slowly….hope is reborn.

I found this poem this morning. Written by me, some months ago during one of the deepest depressions I’ve experienced to date. I’m forever thankful for art, for words, to express my heart’s cries.