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The morning started out as usual, and wrapped up early as this was our last day of the conference.

Shey and I left the hotel via Uber and headed to Belmont Park at Mission Beach.

Our Uber driver was a self-published author, originally from Manchester, England. He has been stateside since the 70s and is also a standup comedian and soccer expert, hence the book.

He had plenty of interesting Uber stories and, of course, I enjoyed hearing them all in his (now California-influenced) British accent.

Belmont Park was interesting enough, but Shey had brought his large camera and we didn’t feel like storing it to ride the old wooden roller coaster, so we set out in search of food near the boardwalk.

We finally settled on Sandbar, the ad on the awning suggesting that they have the “best fish tacos in San Diego”.

Turns out, they aren’t wrong because they have won some awards for their fish tacos. I opted for Baja shrimp instead, and Shey chose the carne asada, and I’m here to tell you, this was the best food I’ve had in California so far. And that is saying a LOT because we’ve had some great food this week.

We DEVOURED our lunch with much enthusiasm and then headed down the boardwalk and eventually onto the beach so I could finally, FINALLY put my feet in the water.

The weather was perfect, the ocean a blue/gray vision of majesty, especially as I got further away from the crowds and let the crashing waves become the dominant sound.

I found a quiet spot near the rocks and just sat for a bit, and let the water come to me for a while.

From Mission Beach, we headed over to Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. Unfortunately, the sky was overcast by then, and there would be no visible sunset, but the views were stunning, nonetheless. And it was dizzying at times! But, I can’t even express my own awe at the view we had. That I was standing next to an ocean I honestly thought I’d probably never see was just….surreal. I could have sat there for hours, but it was beginning to get crowded, and, quite honestly, my husband was making me incredibly nervous with just how far out he would venture to take pictures so I called an Uber before today’s headline read “Tourist Slips on Sunset Cliffs, Falls to His Death”.

Here are some photos from Sunset Cliffs

After the Cliffs, we headed back to the hotel, took a breather, and then walked up to The Cheesecake Factory for death, I mean DINNER.

Shey opted for the Steak Diane, I got the California Cheesesteak, and we split the Eggroll Sampler. All delicious!

For dessert, Shey got the Lemon Meringue Cheesecake

And I savored the Salted Caramel. Perfection. Just…..perfection.

We waddled back to the room with full bellies and tired feet from our day of sightseeing, and crashed hard. Our last day in California was on the horizon, and we were going to need our rest!