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Today is the first time all week that I haven’t had to set an alarm, and I took advantage of the fact by not setting one. Still, we were walking to The Donut Bar by 8:30 a.m., and there was already a line.

Awaiting us, was heaven behind glass. Here is what was on the menu today:

Decisions decisions….

That, my friends, is what is known as “food porn”, and I’m here to tell you, if you ever visit San Diego, it would be a damn shame to not visit this place.

The chef came out to see some people and I got him to take a selfie with me, but I’m not going to share it because I look like…well, I look like I just woke up after a week of high intensity, brain blasting business training.

Still, he was super nice and drives a really sweet ride…

We made our picks and chose

Lemon Pistachio

Caramel Latte

The “Homer”

The “Elvis”

I can’t even….

After we loaded up on carbs and caffeine, we showered and headed to the one place I absolutely had to check off my list while in the area….besides the ocean….and the Donut Bar…..

Over 100 acres, and I am currently feeling the effects of at least half of them as I type this. I have bad knees. One in particular. And it has been swelling for the last 3 days. Today, of course, would be the worst of the 3, and by the time we left the zoo, I was hurting something fierce. I was never so glad to see an Uber in my whole life.

But, the world famous San Diego Zoo was worth the trip, if only to say I’ve been.

I enjoyed the zoo, but I’m going to be perfectly honest, the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, to me, is 10 times better in terms of value for the money and layout of the park.

In the late afternoon, we crossed the street over into Balboa Park, a beautiful and unique experience. The rose garden alone is worth the trip.

I don’t know what these trees are, but they look a lot like Crepe Myrtles. Except they’re not. But they’re everywhere and they’re so pretty!

We came back to the room and I let my second dose of Aleve kick in before we headed out for dinner.

For our last San Diego meal, we ate at Mezé, a Greek Fusion experience. My husband has never tried Greek cuisine and I FINALLY taught him to pronounce Gyro correctly before he ordered it. I was so proud!

I chose the Falafel and had a glass of Reisling because I suddenly realized I’d been in California all week and had tried ZERO wine. The horror!

The food was fantastic, and the staff was some of the friendliest we’ve encountered so far.

After dinner, we walked over to the Gaslamp Garage to stock up on souvenirs and then made our way back to the hotel.

But first, dessert.

We each had a hot fudge sundae (mine had a brownie!) and they didn’t disappoint.

They even gave us a little Ghiradelli square when we walked in the door. Any place that hands out free chocolate is a winner in my book!

This whole week has been such a treasured experience. My conference was super helpful and informative. The people I’ve encountered have all been friendly (except for the two heifers that stole my seat on the 3rd day of the conference). The food, of course, has been fabulous. The landscape and weather have been phenomenal.

I’ve had to laugh because the locals keep referring to the June Gloom that is apparently happening right now because it has been overcast almost every day this week. But when I think about returning to 90+ temperatures and 7,000% humidity, I have had ZERO complaints about the cool and comfortable atmosphere.

There is so much rich culture here in San Diego, and it truly is a melting pot. Everywhere I’ve turned there have been people speaking different languages and the Latino and Mexican cultures are, of course, very dominant in the area. All of that has made for a fascinating experience, and this is one of those places that one could visit time and time again and experience something different every time.

I hope that, one day, I can do that myself.

In the meantime, farewell, San Diego. Hope to see you again one day.