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It’s Independence Day, and I just crawled out of bed. Mainly for coffee. Mainly because I am choosing to be awake for this day of complete slothfulness. Most of it, anyway.

Normally, on the 4th of July, we load up, go to the creek with the family, cook meat over fire, eat watermelon like we’ve never seen one before, and then shoot explosives into the sky with the gusto of our inner adolescents, ooohing and ahhing whenever the spectacular star-spangled lights fill the night.

This year, my child has not been home for more than a few days at a time since the beginning of June, and she left again on Monday for her last summer camp of the season.

My sister and most of her family are also away at a summer camp for their two youngest children.

My parents are visibly exhausted from a busy few weeks for them, as well.

So, instead of the sound of rushing water and birds and nature surrounding us, Hubs and I are kicked up in recliners, listening only to the sounds of the A/C trying to keep up with the scorching heat and humidity, and a little HGTV on the telly for good measure.

Hubs made a run to the butcher shop yesterday, so there will be meat grilled over fire and vegetables to sustain us. And I’m about to dig into a freshly cut watermelon for a light breakfast. After more coffee.

We won’t shoot fireworks tonight, but my neighbors will, and I can enjoy some of theirs from my own back yard. AND, I did buy two boxes of cartridges for my guns this week, so I plan to work on my aim this evening with some long overdue target practice. IF it cools off.

I’ve set Yankee Doodle Dandy to record on the DVR, and I’ll watch it tonight, as is tradition on this patriotic day.

I might take a nap, too.

The point is, this Independence Day isn’t necessarily following tradition, but it’s just what my worn out body needs – a break. Some peace and quiet (except for the target practice). Rest.

I love my family’s traditions. Even more than that, I love their flexibility to make up for lost holidays whenever we can all come together to replicate what normally would have happened today. And we will. Soon.

The child will be home soon, finally done with her summer travels. Day trip possibilities as well as lazy weekends or late night movie dates loom out over the horizon.

But for today, today is a day of quiet. Of recovery from the last bustling month of endless movement. A blessed, midweek reverie from what has been a CHAOTIC return to work following my trip to California.

So, nothing is on the agenda for today. With a side of rest and a sprinkle of relaxation.

Happy 4th, y’all!