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I wrote a whole blog post this week about the summer slump, that is, the heat that keeps me indoors and away from worldly contact as much as possible. So, I thought I’d tell you about some of my indoor activities that keep me preoccupied until it’s safe and pleasant to be in the out-of-doors again. Maybe by Christmas.


I now have Netflix, which, just as I predicted before I ever had the internet capabilities to subscribe, has turned me into a tv binger.

When Reagan outgrew me reading aloud to her, we turned to making our way through several tv series, but, until somewhat recently, we had to do this via DVD.

Now that we have Netflix, the possibilities are endless. I bought a Roku a couple of months ago which gives me access to Prime Video as well, among a LOT of other channels. Reagan and I are currently making our way through Downton Abbey, our new favorite, and I have her almost caught completely up on The Walking Dead.

We throw in The Office and some Parks and Recreation or Queer Eye for less drama, but we are tv sloths right now, and will likely remain so until the heat subsides a bit.

Can I just say, I LOVE Downton Abbey. Where has this show been my entire life?!

Hubs and I have regular dates throughout the week for our true-crime fix, being Dateline junkies. And we are trying to catch up on all the Game of Thrones episodes we’ve missed since the end of Season 3. We have quite a ways to go.

When we’re just loafing around on the weekends, HGTV is almost always on the tube.


Low carb is the name of the game around here. Both my husband and I have GI issues and have found that this style of eating keeps our antacid intake to a bare minimum.

Riced cauliflower, low carb tortillas, grilled meats, and almond flour are my saviors for substituting healthier options into our diets without sacrificing flavor. Apps like Yummly keep me from EVER getting bored with trying to make a meal plan.

To curb a little sweet craving, and to bring relief from the heat, a friend told me about Outshine frozen fruit bars. A few carbs, but not bad for a better option than ice cream.

I’m also not giving up chilled Watermelon. Ever. Carb gods be damned! SOME fruit is good for a person.

I have to keep my fiber intake up, due to the havoc Endometriosis wreaked on my internal organs, so lots of veggies and a serving of fruit a day are making the keto lifestyle easier to maintain.

A lot of red meat, dairy, or gluten seem to inflame my joints and/or intestines, so I try to keep these to a minimum. Though I do drink a milk-based protein shake most mornings. And gluten is pretty easy to avoid when you’re not eating breads, rice, or pasta.

It has been most amazing to feel the difference in how my hypothyroid joint pain has responded to eating a cleaner diet. As much as I love a biscuit or a warm loaf of bread, the lack of stiffness and pain has been worth the tradeoff.


Oh my precious love, I have abandoned thee these many weeks.

I have been trying to finish the same book for 3 months and need to start on A Thousand Splendid Suns, our upcoming book club selection. But, alas, I have neglected my kindle and turned to other, less intellectual pastimes.

But I shall return. I always do.


I’m not a “gamer”, but I do love finding new games on Google Play. I keep Jeopardy on tap, because I love trivia, but I’ve recently turned to matchy match color games that numb the mind. Probably as a distraction from the weather. It also helps sort of calm down my brain after a hectic day at work.

Recently, however, I did find a fabulous logic game called Einstein’s Riddle, which is challenging and fun and addictive as hell. I love games that exercise my mind. I need all the help I can get.


I live to travel. This year has been packed full of it. I’ve been to Mobile, South and North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, and California and will be in New Orleans in a couple of months. Some of these excursions were for work, some were for play, some with the hubs, some with the kiddo, some with the girlfriends, and some by myself. It has spoiled me.

I’m always thinking about ways and places to satisfy my wanderer’s heart. That isn’t a summer obsession – it’s my LIFE’S obsession.

I’m planning a short getaway with Reagan in the near future, but she has a burning desire to see some of her favorite bands in concert that I hope to accommodate also. The trouble is, safety is a huge concern, and the venue and price have to be just right. But I’ll find a way. I always do and relish the challenge.


I am not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination, but I have to maintain a professional look. I loathe buying clothes, but did purchase a few items for the summer before my trip to San Diego. Burke’s Outlet and Burlington have some fantastic deals and Belk is my go-to store for professional wear. I tried one of those personalized wardrobe boxes a few months ago and was sorely disappointed in price and selection, so I’m just going to stick with picking out my own wardrobe, thank you very much. My mom subscribed to one also, and while she had better luck than I, we did have some good laughs at a couple of the items she was sent.

I’ve cut my Ipsy subscription back to once every other month, because there’s only so many cosmetics I need. I like Ipsy though because the value is terrific, and I get to try products that I never would have otherwise.

This month, I received a DELICIOUS smelling body lotion by Hempz, scented with pineapple and melon. Much more to my liking than most fragrances. I like clean, sweeter smelling lotions and perfumes, and am highly picky about what I wear. My grandmother has worn Opium for as long as I can remember. I think she’s to blame for my lack of enthusiasm about fragrance.

Where I don’t mind spending a little cash is on foundation makeup and skin care. I recently switched foundations to Esteé Lauder Double Wear and I love. This. Makeup.

It’s marketed as “sweat proof”, and while that has certainly been challenged this summer, I have found it to be mostly true. The only exception being the time I was taking inventory on the second floor of a business and there was no a/c. Otherwise, the coverage of Double Wear has held and I have seen no damaging effects from it since I started using it back in June.

I use CeraVe moisturizer and Aveeno face cleanser and these drugstore selections are as good as any designer brands I’ve ever tried.

For my eyeshadow palette, I purchased a build-your-own from Younique several months ago and am still in love with it. I will eventually build more and the staying power of the color is really worth the price.

I will also splurge on keeping my nails looking sharp. A mani/pedi is good for the soul and body.

So, there you have it, my friends: my current obsessions list. I know it was an enlightening post. You’re welcome. 😁