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I am currently writing this post from a recliner, following my consumption of a full dose of liquid green Nyquil. The good stuff – no off-brand garbage.

Hubs started out the week with fatigue and then heavy congestion. It looks as though I’ll be finishing it in similar fashion.

I was ravenously hungry yesterday. That should have tipped me off. When I get that way, it’s as though my body is signaling me, saying, “Yo. You about to be DOWN for the count, girlfriend. Stock up on some chow cuz you ain’t gonna wanna eat for a while.”

And, sure enough, I barely touched the cheese dip in front of me tonight and anyone that knows me well will tell you that queso and I are long-established lovers. And I can easily make a spectacle of myself with melted cheese and a basket of warm corn chips.

But I digress.

Another tip that I was about to be carried away on the hay fever/sinus infection train was the constant scream-sneezing that began shortly after lunch today and progressively became a constant need for Kleenex.

I’ve been avoiding my daily regimen of Claritin because I’ve been having some dry eye issues that required a doctor’s care and two examinations in the last two weeks, the last one leaving me looking as though I was about to develop superpowers….or sprout horns and a tail.

I blame Gordon. The Tropical Storm. The one that came sailing in early this week and failed to carry any of the damn Love Bugs off with him when he left.

I could almost taste the first feelings of fall today. There was something about the light that just felt…autumn. And then the heat and humidity sucked out my breath and I began sneezing, suddenly and sadly reminded that we have a few more weeks of hell summer left to endure before the cooler temps and blessed days of fall arrive in all their anticipated glory.

The kiddo is visiting her Dad this weekend. I plan to do nothing, and then do more nothing. Except take more Nyquil. Drink liquids. Binge watch some mindless tv programming. And sleep. Sleep. And sleep some more.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe my pillow is calling. 🤧